Son of god

The son of god or David Icke is a chap who states in his books that members of the British Royal family are shapeshifters.  He also states that the earth and moon are hollow with intelligent and advanced life forms living there.  He now also implicates Saturn as being part of this conspiracy to keep humanity asleep.  If you are unaware of all this then you are a ‘sheeple’ mostly because you haven’t seen the error of you ways to realise infinite conciousness.  In other words to reverse that buy, read, and believe Icke’s books, there are loads to pick from.

It’s all a bit of a cop out really. While he spends a lot of time criticising the present system of government he never dares mention what he would replace it with. If change happens too quickly you end up with revolution and regimes rise and crumble too quickly, like the former communist countries. Western democracies have evolved slowly to what they are today, and while not perfect, they do work to a point. They could be better but change needs to be slow. Well in fact I don’t know what Icke thinks he wants. He performed a non-comply dance at the end of his third of Wembley Arena full talk, but that didn’t yield any clues. In what context does he mean ‘non-comply’? Is that refusing to pay council tax, or water rates, or wearing a V mask in the High Street, not paying car tax maybe? I fail to see what there is to non-comply too. Instead of people running around clubbing each other over the head we have formed a society that rumbles along, bad things happens, good things happen, and most of the time nothing happens. Is he worried about the supposed threat of Big Brother? I doubt it because the more cameras he can see the stronger he thinks his argument will be. People, throughout a normal day, as a whole will perform millions of actions, billions even. Cameras might see a portion of this but a large portion is uninteresting and nothing happens.

Is Icke not glad he lives in a country where he can speak as he wishes and remain safe. With technology that is used for the betterment of communities more often then against it. He is merely a brand and his reputation goes before him. Now he wants his own radio station and has pushed out the begging bowl to raise 300 K. He will suck his followers dry at every turn, not to give people a voice (well donating 10 grand will) but to extend his name, and more pertinently his ego.

This is the sort of thing that winds me up.  If you read between the ranting and the raving what he is saying is if you don’t agree with him and his ilk then you are beyond the pale.  All his followers are meant to do is pass information about but not criticise it rationally.

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