Woo woo


For those that don’t know, woo woo is a term given to people, by skeptics, who believe in supernatural, paranormal ‘activity’.  I say ‘activity’ in that way because there being any that could prove anything supernatural never occurs.  I class the following as woo woo:

Catergory A:

People of the cloth, vicars, priests, iman, etc.

Anyone who like being told what to think by the above.

Anyone who prays or uses faith in an attempt to cure maladies.

Catergory B:

New Age spiritualists, hippys.

Believers in a mother Earth and that anything in the average garden can cure all maladies.

Use scientific language incorrectly to sound more informed when what is being said makes no sense.

Catergory C:

Conspiracy theorists.  Believers that a New World Order is imminent with massive depopulation drives.

Excessive paranoia in government activities and banking industry.

Catergory D:

Ufologists, crop circle believers.

Ghost hunters.  Dowsers.

All the above categories can be added of course and a lot overlap.  Although I have left one corner of ‘research’ out and that is the belief that eminent figures like Presidents and Royalty are shapeshifting reptillians.  Just click on the son of god page.

I want to state that there is nothing wondrous about woo woo.  There is no beauty or awe inspiring realisations.  It is layers of nonsense each one more ridiculous then the last.  When, or if, you ever look over across the grand canyon, or the Hoover dam, or down a microscope at a cell in the final stages of mitosis, you are filled, or at least I am, joy in having the privilege to witness such vistas.  Woo woo offers none of that yet it piggy backs on science’s shoulders pinching the bits it likes and ham fisting the rest with made up crap.

There was a time when I used to read a lot of woo woo, especially David Icke.  Seven years I spent in that barren land filled with paranoia and cynicism yet as soon as I started studying science with the Open University within weeks I had brushed the woo woo away.  Learning the scientific method is about the most mind opening thing you can do for yourself.  Things around can make more sense if you look at them in a scientific manner.

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