The subjective

We call something subjective when there is no overall consensus on it. Or is it something that we have yet to be able to explain fully. Music; the theory of music is universal and objective yet tastes in various genres vary greatly. I don’t think we know why.  Is the subjective someone we are yet to agree on?

Person A likes the colour Red but hates Blue.  With Person B this is vice verse.  Neither would be able to tell you why but a neurologist might.  Something in the brain is making a choice and that must be to do with chemical/hormones/neurotransmitters making a specific pathway.  This still doesn’t explain why that decision has been made.  Could we then look at the possibility it is utterly random or is a deterministic approach required?  Maybe it is genetic.  A gene for liking the colour X that codes for a specific protein that causes hormone Y to, etc, etc.  This is then deterministic for the time being.  So how long has this gene been clinging on to each generation.  Now this is just a regression back to a point just after the Big Bang when the fate of the Universe was decided.