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Whitehawk 0 Dover Athletic 1

Nice sunny day, no car sickness, and a new ground as well.  It did look as though Whitehawk had erected their 1000 seats not through expectation more ground grading issues.  It felt like being at a really large Tennis match.

Dover at new rivals Whitehawk
Dover at new rivals Whitehawk

All though it must be said the location in the bosom of the South Downs was nice, and how many teams can boast their mascot is a chalk drawing on a hillside?  Nice touch that.  I don’t want to knock them but what are they hoping will happen?  The crowd today was 338 and I expect half of them were Dover fans.  What’s the point if you have no fan base?  I would expect them to be in the lowest quartile of attendances this season.  But they are not my club and I don’t know why the football people of Brighton are indifferent to Whitehawk, maybe because they can already watch a nearby club that could get into the premier league next season.

Anyway, the game.  No surprises really as Kinnear opted for nearly the same tactics, again, but leaving Wynter on the bench this time.  Dover showed glimpses of promise throughout the first half and were rewarded when Murphy converted a penalty.  But then they just seemed to sit back to soak up increasing amounts of Whitehawk pressure.  The huge diagonal slope the pitch possessed didn’t help either and it was hot enough sitting in the open stand let alone run around.  But, Dover players are paid athletes, they know they will have to play some games in furnace like conditions so they should be well prepared.  But they went flat, totally inert.  Not through the heat I don’t think, but through the tactics employed.  As an attacking force we were non existent not muster one single attack let alone testing the keeper.  Whitehawk showed how they can score six goals in a game by launching blow after blow as we sat back on the ropes relying on the impressive Mitch Walker to save us.  As has been said we should have got Ademola and Bakare on to run at the tired Whitehawk defence, and it is bewildering either have hardly featured yet this season.  Bringing Elder on seemed to be a token gesture.  He is a big, strong lad but lacks pace, and caused little bother.  I think the Charles up front alone hasn’t really been the shining light we may have hoped for.  He needs someone to work off.  Murphy plays a little too deep to be classed as an out and out striker.

But, in saying all that, at least we won and we may look back on this result and see it as a title clincher.  I’m sure we will get better, and sitting fourth with the likes of Eastleigh, Ebbsfleet, and Sutton below us is a good thing.

Onwards to Hayes and Yeading it is then.


Dover 0 – 1 Concord

So Dover lose to a team that is named after a stretch of beach, is that a first?  Anyway, Concord Beach did it’s shingle proud after performing the classic smash and crab on a lacklustre and below par Dover.  That is not to say we did have chances because there were very few, I can only recall one good effort by Tom Murphy.  He was the best player in a white shirt but seemed to disappear as the frustrations of the second half wore on.  Even after going a goal behind, and with over twenty minutes left, Dover just carried on in the same vein.  At every opportunity they lobbed it forward with scant regard for who the recipient may be.  Orders are blast it up, so blasted it will get.

Poor old Elliot Charles.  He started lively but even his keen enthusiasm wore thin before he was yanked from the scene of play; a miserable, wet, afternoon, in suburban Dover.   He didn’t, to be fair, do a lot, apart from having the ball clip his hair and landing to no-one.  But it’s not his fault.  He was constantly marked and had little support.  Surely he is ideal to get the second ball down to another forward.  I can appreciate playing one up front away from home, or even those tough games like on Tuesday, but against Concord.  Surely we should have gone for it and put them under lots of early pressure in the hope of nicking one or town.  Then may be sit back a bit.  Or mix it up a bit.  Concord came with a plan, and it worked perfectly.

One last thing.  I can’t believe how poor the crowd was yesterday.  1500 there on Tuesday, all happy minus 250 from Gravesend, and about 700 decided not to come back.  Why?  OK, it was raining.  Poor excuse it was still warm and Crabble has areas to stand where you needn’t get wet, plus most people have coats and hats.  The standard of the opposition.  Poor excuse again.  Did people only turn out to see ex-pros like Stacy Long on Tuesday or Paul Lorraine?  No, so why does it matter who we are playing?  I expected it to be around 900-1000 but sub 700 must make the money men wonder why they bother.  Say we got into the football league did OK for a bit then started to struggle.  How ludicrous it would be if we started getting crowds like 734 against Bury on a Tuesday night.  Anyway that’s by the by.  Football fans can be fickle I suppose.

Away following: 30

Onto the Enclosed Stadium.

Dover 2 – Ebbsfleet 1

Well I am glad that one is out the way.  Very pleasing victory with a superb goal from Tom Murphy.  He had something about him out there tonight, lovely little bits of skill, turns and twists, and plenty of pace.  In fact the whole team put in a good shift, all the over the park, they seemed to time their tackles better and all played with a demanding tempo.  There was the odd error but nothing to seriously trouble us.

I thought Ebbsfleet played their part and were menacing at times but seemed to lack that killer pass to split Dover’s defence and it took a very good goal to steal our clean sheet.  At times the reds passed it around without any purpose, with McMahon anonymous at times.  I’m sure they will be there or thereabouts later in the season but for now it is nice to savour a rare local derby win.

Of course it is too early to start thinking about winning anything but if we can  carry this run on who knows, it could get interesting around Christmas.  The next three games, Concord, Whitehawk and Hayes, look like straight forward games but we shouldn’t let complacency creep in.  Just keep the ethos and spirit from tonight and I’m sure we can progress.

This squad is shaping up nicely, although it could do with one or two more additions for when injuries and suspensions take hold.  Although I am sure Kinnear is on top of things.  In Kinnear we trust of course.

Come on you Whites!