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Guernsey 2 Dover 3

Well off we drove to Lancing, near Brighton, for this re-arranged FA cup tie against who sides who’ve never met before, which is happening to Guernsey every week.  Thankfully, time wise, technology such as google maps saved my parents and me sitting in hours of traffic jams, and my dad’s sat nav renegotiated the way from Ashford along the windiest A roads possible.  I am awfully car sick.  For this journey I took a travel pill, didn’t eat much before leaving, and bought plenty of old bags to store the sick, which took a while coming but it did.  I love being sick because that is the end of the nausea, well until the inner ear decides to get continually confused and tell stomach to chunder some more.

Anyway, we still got there with plenty of time to spare and a decent parking space too.  Nice surprise to see it was only eight pound to get in, with a stupid bag search which was unnecessary but still no point making a fuss.  The ground it self is typical county level with a nice main stand with all the facilities and the rest of the ground just the bare basics, no additional terracing.  I must though say how lush the pitch looked, like a billiard table, and dare I say a touch better then Crabbles this year.

Onto the game it self, well Dover controlled the first have with consummate ease and racked up a 2-0 lead that should have been so much more.  After the break Guernsey pulled a goal back, then made it all square from the penalty spot.  Then Dover went straight up the other end to make it 3-2.  Guernsey should have had their goalkeeper sent off near the end after he bought down Bakare being the last man.  Fortunately it didn’t make any difference and we held out a different Guernsey side.  They really gave a good account of themselves in the second half, and possibly deserved a replay, possibly.  How far a team like Guernsey can progress I don’t know but they have a very good team them perhaps only lacking in height, but they more then make up for it in talent.  Dover look a better side, they came and did a job, it almost failed but we were always in control for 90% of the time.

I wasn’t sick on the way home, and slept for most of it.

Dover 2 – Ebbsfleet 1

Well I am glad that one is out the way.  Very pleasing victory with a superb goal from Tom Murphy.  He had something about him out there tonight, lovely little bits of skill, turns and twists, and plenty of pace.  In fact the whole team put in a good shift, all the over the park, they seemed to time their tackles better and all played with a demanding tempo.  There was the odd error but nothing to seriously trouble us.

I thought Ebbsfleet played their part and were menacing at times but seemed to lack that killer pass to split Dover’s defence and it took a very good goal to steal our clean sheet.  At times the reds passed it around without any purpose, with McMahon anonymous at times.  I’m sure they will be there or thereabouts later in the season but for now it is nice to savour a rare local derby win.

Of course it is too early to start thinking about winning anything but if we can  carry this run on who knows, it could get interesting around Christmas.  The next three games, Concord, Whitehawk and Hayes, look like straight forward games but we shouldn’t let complacency creep in.  Just keep the ethos and spirit from tonight and I’m sure we can progress.

This squad is shaping up nicely, although it could do with one or two more additions for when injuries and suspensions take hold.  Although I am sure Kinnear is on top of things.  In Kinnear we trust of course.

Come on you Whites!

Preview Dover Athletic v Ebbsfleet United

I am glad things have finally got back to normal after what seems like a never ending pre-season; playing Dagenham feels like an eternity ago.  Still, it is upon us and after a super solid Kinnear away 1-0 special at Gosport the Dover bandwagon rolls on to what could be deemed a six-pointer.  Well in retrospect it might be.  Plenty of faces we will recognise in Billy Bricknell, Ben May et al.  I think they made the wrong choice in moving up the A2, although of course time will tell.  That’s another thing, the return of the footballing cliché.

I would expect Kinnear to stick with the same starting XI from Gosport.  I would hate to see him start to squad rotate just to keep players happy.  Keep then keen, and on the bench so when they do get a chance they take it.  I would like to see Dover fly out of the blocks and run at them early on.  Use the wingbacks and get plenty of crosses in hoping Charles can get on the end of them.  Talking of Elliot Charles I think we may see a much changed striker as to what we saw before under Hayes.  For the better of course, as his stint at Eastbourne giving him some experience at this level.  Or maybe he could be better suited coming off the bench on the hour mark with fresh legs.  Could Elder do a job against his old team mates, knowing his way round them?  Yeah, I would start with Elder, and bring Charles on in the second half.

Apart from that I would keep it much the same.  The defence picks itself and is looking very strong, another Kinnear trait.  To be fair if we played out a dour 0-0 it would suit us better because it would put the willys up Ebbsfleet for what they would consider a poor start.  Not that I want a bore draw, as I would like a goalfest with us the victors.  Like the times we used to beat Woking 4-3, etc.  Any way I’m predicting a 2-0 to Dover.  0-0 halftime and we grab an early one in the second half, then Ebbsfleet push before we settle it late on.  That would do nicely.

Football at Crabble on a Tuesday night, and a local derby to boot.  This is what football is all about.

Come on you Whites!

Crowd 1045

The new football season with Dover Athletic

Here we go again!  Dover Athletic, my team of course, line up to do battle once more in the Skrill Conference South. This will be their fifth attempt to gain promotion to the Skrill Premier where they rightly belong.  Came so close last season but I think Kinnear, with a good preseason behind him, has built a formidable squad.

For once there has been no obvious big spending, flashing cash about, but a steady acquisition of workmanlike players.  There is a bit of flare there, with Ademola, and possibly Elliot, ones who can change a game but mainly the squad is a brick wall.

Kinnear style football is all about being big, and strong, hard to break down and score against, and always ready for the counter attack.  I have never looked forward to a season as much as this one.  Look how he turned around our fortunes by only losing one league game between January and April.  I do feel that we will do well you can’t deny that, it’s Kinnear’s way.

Like I said I can’t wait for this season to start, the whole rollercoaster ride we endure for eight months, every year.  How I would love to see a repeat on 89/90.  We won the first ten, and the last eleven.  We cruised it really.  And it was all built on defence, which aped the mighty Arsenal defences of the eighties.  I used to feel pity for away teams at Crabble because they were lambs to the slaughter.  I don’t know how Kinnear does it but his magic continues to flourish wherever he goes, er, Dover and Margate.

So in twenty four hours the the men in White will be ready to take on Gosport Borough.  We haven’t played them for over twenty years, and they are an unknown quantity.  I’m sure they’ve been watched though, likewise they have with us.  Of course you can’t judge much from one game but I can’t remember the last time Dover lost an opening day fixture.  I predict a tight game with Dover nicking it in the second half.  Either that or a dour 0-0.  I don’t mind really as long as we don’t lose.  Can’t see that really as I think we will be too much for them at the back.

Come on you Whites!