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The Great HPANWO Debates


The Great Debate Part 1



The Great Debate Part 2

Yes, I have emerged from the other side, a bit bruised and shell shocked but I’ve made it!  I have survived two brutal debates with my nemesis Ben Emlyn-Jones aka In The Description Box Below.    It does seem as though I have lost both bouts if you tally up the amount of roses the cockroaches have thrown towards the Bullring.  I was the bull, majestically sweeping towards a slow death as the Matador picked me off…theory by theory by conspiracy theory.  Name after name of persons I couldn’t reasonably be expected to know.   If the debate had moved to pastures of a more musical whim then the Bull wins hands down.   He would know nothing, I assume, of the development of the piano sonata from Domenico Scarlatti to Johannes Brahms via Beethoven and Schubert.  Although this Matador expected me to know, in depth, the bullshit nonsense from Rendlesham Forest in 19 fucking 80!  I asked in Bull talk if the craft landed then where was it?  Mr Answer for Everything just pounds the ring with his huge red rag, although at the time turquoise would have set off an explosion in my underpants.

I feel I fisted my way through the barren miserable landscape that is woo woo.  Now we wander the valleys of Mars.  It is a hunt.  I am the prey.  I will be picked  off.  Slowly.  See there is no hope with woo, it gives no joy, just fear and perpetual misery.  You feel as though the colourful Matadors of the woo world enjoys a strange nihilistic existence. As you would expect he is all wikied up for the journey with his band of nearly alive viruses that accompany him on such occasions.  He gives me a headstart, I stride with the help of the weaker gravitational pull and stride desperately across the red landscape.   The viruses praise me for giving it a go but they soon start to back their man.  I am now in turquoise and can be seen for many miles yet a sand storm whips up the landscape and I disappear.  I wonder if the viruses can penetrate my space suit.  Maybe Mr Smallpox will bust through my face shield.   I hide in a dip and quickly text that I can’t see how the twin towers where blown up by directed energy.  Ms Influenza starts her trek to look for me with her powerful eyes and Mr Rabies strides towards the crater that is my home for now.  The huge beast of the HPAWNO monster seems to have grown in stature.   I can feel the pounding as he scrapes his way towards me quoting long and tedious passages from his self-published novel.   Fuck!

Hot sweat pours from my skin.  My hands are strapped down and my legs buckled.  All around me is stuff that lives in ponds and I realise I am in a Victorian style operating theatre with plenty of space for the antagonists to watch my final moments.  I declare that I don’t have a clue or give a shit about some bloke, a professor nonetheless, who happily accepts anecdotal evidence as proof for alien visitation from 150 Zimbabwean schoolchildren.  The Matador enters for his final attack.

‘I am surprised how little you knew about the stuff that is practically made up.’  He says.

Sorry did he slip up there?  Is he admitting he is wrong is he a contradiction? A large dose, maybe 1000 mg of chlorpromazine (woos don’t mind stuff like that if it suits their agenda) is injected into my arm.  I feel tense but strangely exhausted and I forget the contradiction.

‘Now Mr Sluggs.’  says the man who runs the HPANWO empire, ‘I used to be a porter and I have more pride and dignity then you can imagine.  We will make you well.  We will remove this science nonsense from your mind through are freedom and truth foundation.  Within good time you will be one of us again, you will be an Icke reading woo woo.’

Then I had a stoke and died before the ambulance arrived.

Hugh Everett III

Hugh Everett III formulated a new  interpretation for quantum physics.  It was eventually called the Many Worlds Interpretation, although not by Everett he called it a ‘relative state’ formulation.  It is fairly simple to begin with and I am probably wrong on this (being pointed in the right direction would be great) but if you make a choice of say going left or right you actually do both at the same time.  Just like the double-slit experiment where the photon or electron goes through both slits at the same time as long as nothing is observing it, even a camera.

So back to Everett.  If you get to the end of a road, a t-junction say, you chose to go left but another ‘you’ is going right in a different world.  So you are going left and right at the same time.  If I am wrong on this I don’t mind being pointed out that I am so.   To take it to the extreme, every action that is possible is being acted out in different worlds right down to the fundamental level of electron and photons.

This leads to a very interesting conclusion.  Quantum suicide and Quantum Immortality.  It is all to do with wave functions collapsing but if someone is shot dead in another world they survive so they are dead and alive at the same time.  We are constantly avoiding death.   Crossing the road, driving on a motorway, eating and choking, having a heart attack and surviving.  Perhaps we never die because we are dodging death at every turn without knowing it.  Yet we can witness others die.   What becomes of us then?   Do we reach 120 years old and find our cells stop reproducing and we just die of old age?  So what happens to the brain?  It can’t function without oxygen and glucose, but everything a human did in their life is stored there.  Maybe in the future the brain could be tapped for information and brought back alive somehow.   That has gone of on a tangent slightly, I’m just thinking out  loud and utilising the creative writing training I have.  Gone a bit sci-fi.

There are plenty of websites about Everett and his ideas.  All very interesting.

A skeptical Skeptic.

After having some neat piece of advertising on the HPANWO radio show last night which added no extra traffic to this flop of a blog I had asked to be referred to as a ‘Skeptical Skeptic’.  Ben did ponder as to what one was even after saying it was an apt name on facebook.  I suppose it means awkwardly skeptical, in other words unless you can prove something with extraordinary evidence I won’t believe you.

If I saw the loch ness monster appear before my eyes I still wouldn’t believe it until it was captured and  analyzed to prove it was indeed a cryptozoological creature.   Or I would imagine I was hallucinating.  Even if I had taken 800 mg of quetiapine everyday for ten years I would assume the drug was not working.  Why?  Because that is more plausible.  What if others witnessed such an event?  Well they too would be hallucinating.  The thing is I don’t want to believe in anything that goes against scientific inquiry or the scientific method.  Why?  Because it is sloppy and lazy to just make fiction up and pass it off as fact.

That is what most of the conspiracy world is; poorly written fiction.   You can have a hard on over aliens hiding in RAF bunkers or planes pumping out toxic fumes to poison us all, that includes fluoride as well.  It doesn’t even make for a decent storyline, yet people gobble it up, but why?   Perhaps it makes sense in someone else’s mind other than my own.  Perhaps it correlates in some bizarre fashion.  It clicks for them and makes some ‘sane’ connections.  Doesn’t make it true though.  I’d love to know what percentage of the online world is made up of these disastrous brains spewing vomit all over people’s consciousnesses.  The David Icke Forum is a good place to start; full of wretched souls trying to make uneducated hamfisted guesses at how the Universe works.  Sometimes real science is used to explain poor science and that is why it remains on the DIF and not in some peer-reviewed journal.

So there is nothing wrong with being skeptically skeptical.  I think it is healthy and interesting because science is intriguing without adding ladles of sloppy bullshit.   To add HPANWO is nothing but the opinions of one man called Ben who just picks certain news articles each day and adds a bit a wikipedia research to it then a touch of conspiratorial bent.

He is a woo a wooing!

A conversation with a loving God

Wouldn’t that be the most nerve-racking thing imaginable? What would you say, or could you say, that wouldn’t result in you going to eternal damnation. But he is all loving and cares for every aspect of your life, every aspect. Yet you have to love him back in equal measures and he knows if your being sincere or not. Orwell’s Oceania doesn’t have a patch on old God. Anyway the conversation; something like this?

‘Hi God.’

Right straight away we are in trouble, that is probably too casual a greeting and not respectful enough for greeting an all-powerful deity. Although wouldn’t God be your best friend as well and that is how you greet friends? Right now I would be shitting blood orange bricks while peering through the gaps at the lapping flames and listening to the distant howls of agony. Okay, try again.

‘Hello God’

A bit better but it would sound contrived and forced and God wouldn’t like that. Unless you broke the ‘hello’ into two long syllables: first one high, second low. That might sound cheeky though. Try something else.

‘Alright God?’

Bloody hell no, don’t ask God questions this soon.

‘Your most revered Almighty Saviour.’

Better, but…it might seem creepy and again insincere. Does God want someone trying to lick his ring and smarm their way around him? Actually I don’t know, I suppose he must do as long as it isn’t insincere because remember God can read your mind before you have thought it. He actually knows everything you have done, what you are doing, and what you will do.

Anyway, there is no really sure way you can greet God without being zapped into hell, as far as I can see. But imagine how scared you would be meeting him? Good thing I never will have to go through such a stupid ordeal. The conversation couldn’t begin because he would have had the chat (that didn’t happen) with you before he met you.

I am pointing out the absurdities of there being such a creature and in our Universe it would be impossible. God breaks all the laws of physics but never shows us how it is done. People with faith seem to thing they can just use the ‘mysterious ways’, ‘we can’t know God’s mind’ lines, as if that is okay. Pile all the science books up that have ever been published and you would have a small mountain, take a slither of paper and the religious would write ‘God did it’, yes then we can shout ‘How?!’.






I hope I haven’t mentioned this before but it has come into my thinking again.  If an electron is elementary, not able to be subdivided into components, then what is it made off?  How can something be indivisible?  Straight away questions that I can’t find answers to.  I know the quantum world is very different from our imaginations of what an electron should look like; a little blue ball spinning around a nucleus of an atom.  We can also say that it has various properties, such as mass, charge, and spin.  They just show us the effects electrons have around us .  But what is an electron?  It could be possible that it is made up of smaller particles, like quarks make up hadrons.  But the problem doesn’t go away, it just got smaller.

Perhaps electrons are strings, like in string theory and they vibrate for a certain charge and mass.  But…what are the strings made of?  Energy?  Something to do with dark matter/energy?  That could be the answer.  Yep, that’s it!  One day, when some unknown scientist cracks the dark energy problem it might go a long to explaining links between the quantum and relativistic world.  Dare I say the grand unified theory.  It wouldn’t be quite that until the gravity problem is solved.  Will they ever find the graviton, the force carrier for gravity?  I don’t know if they are even looking.  Gravity is the hardest one to solve, yet imagine solving the four forces.  One simple equation might explain it all.  I hope it happens in my life time.  Along with a solid interpretation of quantum mechanics, and life on other planets.

I do wonder though if humans are capable of understanding these problems.  Perhaps we will evolve into a species with a more efficient brain that can take on these challenges.  I hope so.

Argument from ignorance.

I had a bust up with some religious people on facebook yesterday, in a depression group.  All I said was is it necessary for people to keep posting religious mantra all the time, not helping anyone.  I got a backlash of how I should respect other people’s feelings and belief.  So what, am I not allowed to have an opinion then?

Religios (people who can’t go five minutes without praising the lord) seem to think they should be immune from criticism and we should just put up with it.  But if I wanted immunity from believing the blue ghost in the kettle I would get laughed at, and rightly so.  They are predominantly right wingers, the Religios, when they are on the offensive, but as soon as you upset them they become all left wing and liberal.  They get all upset and feel victimised, well surely it is about time they did after the hell they have put humanity through over the last two millenniums.

Anyhow, I got told by one member that I was pissing too many people off.  Which quite knocked me back a bit.  I never singled anyone out, yet made valid points about the necessity of some members to constantly bring god into every post.  I wouldn’t go to a god page and start mentioning science all the time.  It is frustrating, but you just have to accept there will always be people like that.  I don’t mind an argument, but I prefer a debate, which that wasn’t, so I perhaps should rethink belonging to a group that is so soft so as to not upset any one.  I’m upset all the time, but that’s just me.

You see the Religios are arguing from ignorance.  They have no facts, no knowledge, and a head brimming with cognitive dissonance.  Everything from them contradicts itself.  If god is so loving and great then why has he given you a mental illness?  That’s not very nice of him.  Argument from ignorance you see, because scientists have a good idea what causes depression, so that is requires no supernatural being in any shape or form to intervene. The contradictions go on forever, but remember never to upset Religios, they have feelings too.


The Artist Taxi Driver

I like listening (earplugs, maybe?) to this guy

He makes some bloody good points and stands up for people with no voice.  I didn’t took to well to when he veered towards the like of Alex Jones, et al, as I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but he generally sticks to issues that get overlooked.  Issues that get overlooked by so called ‘celebrities’.  When are the media going to grow up and stop feeding shite like Simon Cowell being a dad, or some crappy girl band to the yawning public.

It is a pity there are not more people like the Artist Taxi Driver.  The above video (lots of swearing but who gives a fuck) is poignant in that he makes you realise how insignificant we really are, and could be wiped out at any moment.  That is why science and knowledge is so important. It should be shouted from every roof top and on every tv show.  Science is amazing.

Keep it up, ATD.

Nothing happens quite often.

I am sitting here trying to think of what to write, like it is a compulsion, even if no-one reads it, I guess it is some kind of therapy.  When I read, say, the Daily Mail website, I can state that nothing much happens when the headline news is Simon Cowell becoming a dad, or Nigella Lawson getting divorced.  I wonder who really cares, personally.  Not me, and millions more yet it is deemed newsworthy enough when you think of what must be going on in the world.  Journalists are extremely lazy is appears.

So we can tentatively assume not a lot is going around the world.  Or more locally in the UK.  We don’t get earthquakes, or tsunamis, or famines, or civil war, but we do have plenty of self absorbed ‘celebrities’ strutting their stuff and later stumbling out of swanky nightclubs.  They are vile cretins and just their presence reviles me.  They lend nothing to the betterment of society and carry their precious ego around under the illusion that people care.  They don’t, I hope.  Anyone who lives their life….

Stop.  Let’s get back to the issue of nothing happening.  That’s an oxymoron, right?  Nothing cannot be imagined, it is impossible.  So if we go to a point before the Big Bang, when there was nothing.  That is what it literally means, nothing.  Something did indeed come from nothing.  Nothing; no time, no dimension, no matter, or energy.  It lasted as long as it didn’t last at all.  The Big Bang was inevitable.  Religious people like to say you can’t get something from nothing, yet their answer is a bearded man did it in seven days.  He didn’t.  At which point did he enable the laws of physics, was it a little time after he had used his supernatural powers?

So could one postulate that there are many Universes sprouting out of nothing?   Maybe there is a new set of laws that exist on another dimension that we will never be evolved enough to understand.  We are still trying to work out what dark matter and dark energy are.  This sort of stuff is interesting, and not what some twat from Essex is wearing.


The Pope

I looked at the pictures of millions of Brazillians swarming over the beach when the Pope did a mass or some other bullshit with sadness.  It is 2013, and people gather like this to see some wrinkly old virgin in a stupid gown.  Yes that’s ad hominem but it gets to the point where it is used in utter frustration.  Then you get the people who say science is a religion.   No it’s not, because science works to understand human endeavour.  It doesn’t remain locked in the dark ages when starting a fire was difficult, it invented the match, then the lighter.  Science doesn’t rely on one book written thousands of years ago.

One day, maybe, the president of the the powerful country in the world will be welcoming a visitor from outer space.  This visitor will be friendly but extremely advanced, so much so that it leant to speak English fluently in mere minutes.  The two leaders will be walking through whatever city when the visitor spots a church.

‘What is the purpose of that building?’  He asks

‘That is a place of religion, where people go to pray.’  Replies the President.

‘Oh dear you don’t still have that do you?  We got rid of that nonsense many years ago!’  Says the visitor.

Of course an impossible scenario but the point I am making is if we want to advance religion needs to take a big back seat.  Science is so much more interesting, fascinating and there are thousands of books to read on the subject.  Religion has one.  Evolution may one day lead humanity out of the religious anchor.  Human will evolve into superior beings and find religion a pointless exercise which natural selection will eradicate.

It serves no purpose.

Is sonata form important to humanity?

Outside of musical circles sonata form is rarely mentioned, I’d imagine.  But it is staple to the form that our lives take.  With sonata form there starts two opposing themes that almost battle it out to become the main developed theme in the middle section.   There is a contrast, mixing oil with water is an example.  Life is like that, we always have a battle to fight, no matter how small, every day you meet a contrast that can’t be resolved.

Sonata form has a huge scrap in the middle section and what happens?  The original theme returns, at truce with the contrasting theme that follows.  The piece ends with no resolution, but a mere ceasefire.  Neither theme won.  Like in life you never really win in the long term.  And this fits in nicely with entropy in the second law of thermodynamics.  The absolute best you can hope for is to break even, which is rare.  The body is merely an energy conversion machine carrying a code that needs to be passed on.  Everything roughly follows the same pattern, to a point where there is no point.

From what is known about life everything we think or sense is chemical.  No matter what we don’t understand about the mind is not an excuse to make things up.  Perhaps humans will never know how is really works.  But what right do we have understand it?  Whatever it is doesn’t care whether it is discovered or not.  And what shall we do when we understand whatever it is we want to understand?  Try and convince the people who are no better then flat earthists.

So many questions.  There will always be questions; always be that person saying ‘…but why?’

And, like a good scientist does, reply with ‘well, I don’t know.’