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This sort of thing sends my bullshit detectorphon of the scales.  Orgonite is just wankstain.  It is nothing but a waste of time and not even placebo at best.  Yet, some people swear by it.  It cures all ills, like mobile phone radiation, and other stuff.  When you look at it it is just some paperclips, and iron filings set in pretty resin, and shaped like a pyramid.  How can that function at all, it is so inaccurate it is unbelievable.

The origins of orgone date back to a chap called Wilhelm Reich. He was a mad professor who claimed he had found some new form of energy.  The FDA, rightly, got his ass banged up and he died in prison.  His ‘work’ was supposedly destroyed which begs the question, how do advocates of orgone know if they are doing the right thing or not?

This is an advocate or orgone.


Bravely standing up for the confused, and misrepresented.

HPANWO stands for: Hospital Porters Against the New World Order. Well, technically just one hospital porter, and he isn’t even a hospital porter any more. The brains behind HPANWO is a chap called Ben Jones.

Jones with orgone protector.
Jones with orgone protector.

It is fundamentally a research tool that has a channel on You Tube, and various blogs.  He researches mainly into the supernatural, and global conspiracies.  It hasn’t got any closer to understanding anything then it had the day Jones dreamt it up.  No matter how hard someone tries you cannot progress if you have no credible evidence.  See what Jones is wearing around his head, its a bra strap with a bits of quartz stuck above the ears that are interwoven into it. This ‘device’ is to protect the wearer from harmful radiation when using a mobile phone.  It is utterly ridiculous, not only because it doesn’t work, but because he thinks it does.  I don’t have enough sanity to write too much about Ben so I will concentrate for now on his belief in orgone.  Take a look at this.  He seriously believes that throwing a lump of rock into a river will cleanse it and make it all safe for wildlife to flourish.  Although he won’t give his exact location away because he is sure the men in black will come along and fish it out.

It is an old video but I think it is the best place to start when trying to dissect what HPANWO is all about.  Be aware though, Ben is your typical woo woo in that he will never give a straight answer but thinks he has all the answers.  He is quite a keen ufologist, or a nothingist is probably a better name, and travels all around the country looking at grainy pictures of a dinner plate being tossed in the air.  Oh sorry, I meant flying saucer.  I used to be a member of the HPANWO forum but about a year ago I got banned for swearing.  Although there was never a dull moment, especially when Ben got started with his Apollo hoax theories.  He doesn’t believe NASA sent men to the moon, even though they brought back lunar rocks.  Ben had an answer for everything and started to feel like you was debating a sociology studying sixth former,  Any way to counter my argument of ‘they did go to the moon’ he said they filmed it on Mercury.  Yep, they went to Mercury but pretended it was the moon.  When it was explained how silly this was he changed it to that they filmed it on another planet in another solar system.

Jesus wept.  He really wrote that.

Update:  I have now been allowed back into the HPANWO forum and nothing has changed.  Still plenty of hit and run posters who call you a cunt if you have the nerve to point out their post was a crock of shit.  As well as HPANWO I converse with The Ben of no age on facebook.  I was told off by him for calling one of his ‘friends’ willfully ignorant – he said studying the big bang was a waste of time – still it’s okay when I get called a cunt and a shill by other woos on his wall.   Ben is starting to come much more a ‘celebrity’ in conspiratorial circles by having his own radio show and giving talks at UFO events.  Yes, he still believes the governments of the world are keeping something from us, on what premise?  None whatsoever!