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Bipolar or not

I have a lithium level that is below therapeutic levels.  So in effect it is doing nothing.  The dose is not high enough.  My GP wouldn’t raise it the other week because I was depressed so she said we will see how it goes.  Fair enough I though, but my mood has changed.  I have become very irritable, with a racing mind and spending money I don’t have.  I have grand ideas too.  But I am not bipolar.  I bet I am.  Shouldn’t self diagnose.  Maybe the olanzapine is holding some of the symptoms in because that can act as a mood stabiliser.  I don’t feel high as in ‘happy high’, but I feel overwhelmed and hyperactive.  Concentrating on one thing is hard for too long.  I have been going for walks to try to burn of energy but it doesn’t really help.  It is a good thing I have mirtazapine, that works just right every night.

Drug regimen

8 am Venlafaxine 375 mg

Lithium 400 mg

10 am Pregabalin 300 mg

2 pm Pregabalin 300 mg

3 pm  Olanzapine 15 mg

10 pm Mirtazapine 45 mg

Lithium 400 mg

Plus, add in codeine PRN.

I don’t care if people think this is a shit blog.  It is something for me to look back on.


Don’t expose your bullshit!

Nice little touch on the Icke headline page here for warning alt/comp ‘therapists’ not to liaise with a TV company.  I would have thought they would like to get their method of healing out in the open for all to see.  If, as they arrogantly stagger around suggesting, their method works they it won’t matter if four doctors want to interrogate them.

But they are no more then illusionists.  Just like a magician won’t reveal his tricks nor will an alt/comp salesperson.  If they did they would be bankrupt in no time.  So they just keep the bullshit high and hang on to their only bastion; the placebo effect.  That is what their method is built upon, nothing more.

I have no problem with middle class nobodies indulging in some therapy because they don’t no any better.  That dodgy knee that has never healed, so it won’t harm it to dip a toe in alt/comp therapies.  Leave it at that.  If people want to waste money then so be it.  My problem is when these snake oil salesman try to hack down modern medicine.  Scare people away from vaccines and credible treatments; and not just the individual but their children too.  That is when is gets worrisome.

All the time people aren’t fully educated in the scientific method there will always be a market for con merchants.