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David Icke, have a holiday.

Does the man ever have a holiday?  Just a break from conspiratorial research, somewhere away from people.  I don’t think he would do because to be away from even his inner sanctum would mean his ego would significantly suffer from not being rubbed, continuously.  Go for a nice trek around the Outer Hebrides or something and try to bullshit his way into using his way of thinking to decipher how they breathtaking scenery was formed.

You see Icke never really bothers to tell us how geological processes occur.  Is it to be taken that science is correct and mountains are formed the way it tells us they are made.  Icke wouldn’t want to concur with science though.  He never questions how a plane flies, again it would mean concurring with science.  Yet when it comes to something we can’t see, like vaccines, then science is just plain wrong and must be avoided.

Although, he does like to make it known what such an expert he is when it comes to the electromagnetic spectrum.   He fails to mention we only see visible light because our eyes have evolved to see it, as it is useful for our survival.  We could have evolved to see infra-red or any other wavelength.  It doesn’t mean there are scary lizards living in other frequencies.  I can’t remember his ever showing us a picture of the spectrum, he may have done but he would have glossed over it.  Why?  Because he assumes his listeners/readers are stupid and he is the masterful supreme lord of knowledge.  When in fact anyone anyone who has taken GCSE science, let alone passed it, will know more then Dave presents.

Icke and the NHS

The NHS vaccinates children and old people. Icke urges people to ‘not get the vaccine. Yet this appears on his headlines today.  Does this make him a man of the people now?  He is a man that is not known for his love of conventional medicine yet uses some glib survey to push his agenda; which is to contradict authority, wherever he can.

I don’t agree with GPs charging but I will not take my disdain of off one of the biggest snakeoil circus sideshow maniacs about.  He should possibly be glad that it might turn people towards alternative ‘natural’ remedies.  Well they might be the case but I’m sure they might be a tad more expensive then a GP may like to charge.

Saying this I’m sure Icke uses the NHS, has a GP, etc.  I bet he wouldn’t risk his health and leave it is the hands of something unproven.  This is what makes him such a hypocrite  and a contrarian.

This is nothing compared to how Icke normally operates.  He thrives on fear and traps the vulnerable.  He uses scaremonger tactics like ‘you better take note before that knock on the door comes.  And then the antithesis to this is everything is love and what not, you know pretty rainbows and bunny rabbits bounding across a flowering meadow.  It is what religion does to.  Points out all the evil then beckons you towards the light and eternal bliss.  Icke is just aping religion.   He waits for bad to happen and then goes ‘this is a stepping stone to a totalitarian state, you mark my words.  What are you going to tell your children when they say “what were you…”‘.  This sort of rhetoric.  He applies it to anything he doesn’t understand, like algebra or science.

David, you haven’t moved a picometer closer to unravelling any truth then you had in 1991.  In fact you seemed like a nicer person back then.  Now it’s all ad hominem and rhetoric.  The world’s moved on.  Maybe you should too.