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The madness of the DIF pt 2

This thread, one I just picked on from many, made me chuckle at just how bored some people must get in life to make such absurd assumptions.  And then I come along and comment on it, I must be really bored.  Yes, and aching for something to right.  It does show that people uneducated in the scientific method will come to many conclusions without really thinking about it.

Let’s take the Queen is a shapeshifting reptillian.  She may well be, although the rational would just have to say it is highly unlikely.  First we have no evidence.  At this stage I wouldn’t accept eyewitness testimonies, as they really don’t add to anything.  People could just make things up, or they were hallucinating.  If I saw her shapeshift I would reach for the olanzapine.

Now, what if she was?  What difference would it make?  Well first we would have to rewrite the laws of physics, and I am sure many biologist would be keen to see how shapeshifting work.  As far as I am aware no creature on the planet can change to another species, and back again at will.  I don’t think there could even be a term for it; transspeciallism maybe?

Then how deep does the shapeshifting go?  Is it political?  I guess we will all reach for Icke’s The Biggest Secret.  Perhaps he is right all along, yet if he is it is because he has been lucky.  For there is no evidence that anyone is a transspeciallist.  We want evidence.  Gargoyles in the Square Mile, and Lizards carved out of stone, or dragons on signposts do not constitute evidence.  We would require something very special to be convinced.  Just in the same way that applies to all supernatural entities.

A lot of it is people’s bored minds playing tricks on them.  The brain is a powerful tool, the best in the Universe and if it doesn’t get utilised properly it decides to have a bit of fun with it’s host.  That is all it is.  People are too lazy to train their brain to the real wonders of the world and leave it to become infested with it’s own personal bullshit.

The scientific methods is human’s way of harnessing the brain to proper use.


Icke and the NHS

The NHS vaccinates children and old people. Icke urges people to ‘not get the vaccine. Yet this appears on his headlines today.  Does this make him a man of the people now?  He is a man that is not known for his love of conventional medicine yet uses some glib survey to push his agenda; which is to contradict authority, wherever he can.

I don’t agree with GPs charging but I will not take my disdain of off one of the biggest snakeoil circus sideshow maniacs about.  He should possibly be glad that it might turn people towards alternative ‘natural’ remedies.  Well they might be the case but I’m sure they might be a tad more expensive then a GP may like to charge.

Saying this I’m sure Icke uses the NHS, has a GP, etc.  I bet he wouldn’t risk his health and leave it is the hands of something unproven.  This is what makes him such a hypocrite  and a contrarian.

This is nothing compared to how Icke normally operates.  He thrives on fear and traps the vulnerable.  He uses scaremonger tactics like ‘you better take note before that knock on the door comes.  And then the antithesis to this is everything is love and what not, you know pretty rainbows and bunny rabbits bounding across a flowering meadow.  It is what religion does to.  Points out all the evil then beckons you towards the light and eternal bliss.  Icke is just aping religion.   He waits for bad to happen and then goes ‘this is a stepping stone to a totalitarian state, you mark my words.  What are you going to tell your children when they say “what were you…”‘.  This sort of rhetoric.  He applies it to anything he doesn’t understand, like algebra or science.

David, you haven’t moved a picometer closer to unravelling any truth then you had in 1991.  In fact you seemed like a nicer person back then.  Now it’s all ad hominem and rhetoric.  The world’s moved on.  Maybe you should too.

How will he spin it?

Icke’s radio, donation, appeal, thingy, seems to be grinding to a halt.  As I write just under 8000 people have donated 286 K with 6 days to go.  He has rung dry anyone who feels vulnerable enough to have given.  He will probably limp over the 300 K mark and declare an incredible victory.  I wonder if he has a studio yet, or sponsors, or presenters, or accreditation.

Seeing as I have written this post while straddling two days I have an update on the rate of donations.  He has now got 287 K with 5 days to go.  That rate has slowed right down to a crawl.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two hefty donations being laid down to save face or Icke will start slagging off humanity, with the knock at the door, what do you tell your grand children, etc.  Like I have said if humans were really waking up to some evil tyranny, they wouldn’t have been allowed to, and secondly, millions would have been donated because a lot of people live here.

Saying that I’ll be interested to see how he spins this.  He likes his spin.  No different from the news agencies he so decries.

EDIT: 288 K with 4 days to go. 3 K a day to go and then he can rent a studio flat for a couple of years.  Or is he expecting something to give him something for nothing, that seems to be his style.  He will say it will be to stem the tide of a global cabal taking over the world by being lizards in their spare time.  Tesco doesn’t ask for donations when they open a new store; and they sell food that feeds people.  Funny how it works.  Funnier when this venture gets mothballed, though.

Up, up and a…

If placing this link leads to just one person donating to a ‘People’s Voice’ then I have failed as a human being. I think it’s funny because those donatees are probably the type that moan and groan about paying council tax etc, yet will part with cash that will end up in a slosh pot and disappear down a blackhole.  Mark my words, he has been given another ten days so he can wring as much as he can out of people who probably can’t afford it.  And now he knows what to do when he needs more cash in six months.

I have been noticing the rate of donations over the last day or so and it has slowed up quickly.  If people were really awakening then there would be millions of pounds in there not quarter of a million.  Yet if you look at how many people have donated it is only about seven thousand.  Hardly humanity preparing to roar really.

So what will happen when it is all up and running?  Will 300 k really be enough?  Will it be similar to Alex Jones’ shout fest?  Won’t renting somewhere in Central London cost an absolute fortune?  What is the ultimate aim, if there is one?

So many questions.

Not for Profit

Not for profit 

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This is David Icke’s new mantra.  I don’t see why he has to make such a big issue of it, what is wrong with making money?  He never says ‘Not for Profit’ when he wants to flog his books or talks, so why the puffed out chest slogans for this?

Whenever I talk about Icke, (which is too much!) I always seem to find myself asking more and more questions.  What is this radio station going to achieve?  Who will decide what is broadcast?  The man himself may not be at the forefront of the daily operations but you can be sure his name will be plastered across everything.  His name is a brand and he will happily sell as much junk knowledge as people want to gobble up.  If you want to believe the Moon is hollow, then read Icke.  If science and maths is too boring for you, read Icke.  If you want to be told how wonderful and special you are…read Icke.

I must admit it does worry me how easily people are led.  All that money being sloshed around and he still expects people to volunteer, help with legal matters, find a studio, because it will all be good for ‘the peeple’ in the long run.  You see because if we don’t, then when that knock comes on the door and we realise how enslaved we are don’t go running to Icke for help.  ’Cos ‘e ain’t gonna give you any!

Simply donate and shut the fuck up!