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Hugh Everett III

Hugh Everett III formulated a new  interpretation for quantum physics.  It was eventually called the Many Worlds Interpretation, although not by Everett he called it a ‘relative state’ formulation.  It is fairly simple to begin with and I am probably wrong on this (being pointed in the right direction would be great) but if you make a choice of say going left or right you actually do both at the same time.  Just like the double-slit experiment where the photon or electron goes through both slits at the same time as long as nothing is observing it, even a camera.

So back to Everett.  If you get to the end of a road, a t-junction say, you chose to go left but another ‘you’ is going right in a different world.  So you are going left and right at the same time.  If I am wrong on this I don’t mind being pointed out that I am so.   To take it to the extreme, every action that is possible is being acted out in different worlds right down to the fundamental level of electron and photons.

This leads to a very interesting conclusion.  Quantum suicide and Quantum Immortality.  It is all to do with wave functions collapsing but if someone is shot dead in another world they survive so they are dead and alive at the same time.  We are constantly avoiding death.   Crossing the road, driving on a motorway, eating and choking, having a heart attack and surviving.  Perhaps we never die because we are dodging death at every turn without knowing it.  Yet we can witness others die.   What becomes of us then?   Do we reach 120 years old and find our cells stop reproducing and we just die of old age?  So what happens to the brain?  It can’t function without oxygen and glucose, but everything a human did in their life is stored there.  Maybe in the future the brain could be tapped for information and brought back alive somehow.   That has gone of on a tangent slightly, I’m just thinking out  loud and utilising the creative writing training I have.  Gone a bit sci-fi.

There are plenty of websites about Everett and his ideas.  All very interesting.


I want to write about this important life event.  At present I couldn’t give a damn about dying, in some ways I would welcome it.  If it was like being under anesthetic then fine, that’s the best you could hope for.  I was put out for a minor operation a couple of years ago and it wasn’t like sleep it was the nearest analogy to nothing.  I felt nothing, didn’t dream, didn’t feel a thing.

This life has thrown a lot my way that I could have done without.  I really don’t want anything to go on forever, especially not with those po faced bastards of so called religion.  Plus, imagine trying to explain heaven in a physical sense, no, no, no.  Or the ridiculous alternative of plummeting towards eternal damnation, oh please fuck off.  How could I feel pain if I have no body, you cretins?

So I want to go dosed upto the eyeballs with morphine listening to the last movement of Bruckner’s ninth symphony.  Just fade away to nothing.  If this could happen tomorrow then fine, or what if it never happens?  What if Hugh Everett was bang on the money?  We live forever, or for as long as our memory remains intact.  What if the brain can still function after all signs of life seem to have gone.  We are trapped in the brain, this bit that thinks and talks, but we can’t talk any more, can’t move either.  And it will remain like that until the neurons decay and all neural networks cease to function.  Could take as long as a trip to the crematorium, or, gulp the fifty or so years it takes to decay naturally.  Just lying there, choosing the option of life at every juncture, surviving and decaying at the same time.  Watching slowly as the coffin gradually rots, then water seeps in with the worms, soil and bits of wood land on you face.  Then you hear noises as you spouse is lowered on top of you.  Then the pit is closed up forever.  Now you await to be eaten, eaten up.

Just a thought.