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Icke and his People’s Voice

I am trying to cut Icke out of my thinking so this will be one of few posts about the man.  Honestly, I look at his headlines page about two or three times a week, if that sometimes.  Well, I have just had a butchers and it is the same as it always was.  He pontificates as if he knows all the answers, such and such leaders are just puppets of a shadow government, and yes I have read his books even if it is like reading through treacle.  He sort of gets the anwsers out but just falls short of really explaining anything tangible.  Everyone becomes lizards and we enter fantasy land Icke creates in his sleep.  Yes, the World is full of assholes, but he seems to have a vast array of freedom across the World.  He can say want he wants in free, liberal countries without fear of arrest, the reason being is he poses no threat.  Maybe the government see him as a useful idiot, that is if he even registers on their monitor.

But what got me was Icke is still on the scrounge.  Not content with 300 k for his poxy radio station, he wants cheap studio equipment too.  I don’t know how much that stuff costs but I bet with a budget of 300 k he could get a decent set of gear.  This is how cults start.  It won’t be a people’s voice, it will be the UK’s equivalent of Alex Jones’ radio show.  Dissenting voices won’t be allowed, I assume.  You have to tow the party line, etc.  Someone might ring in to a show and say Icke talks nonsense before being cut off.  Supposedly revenge at the times a woo woo has had the line cut on a proper radio station like Radio five.

Just had a look at prices for studio equipment.  Top of the range mixer 21 k.  That’s nothing with the money they have.  No, Icke wants someone to hand over something by saying they are saving humanity or something.  People will want some action soon or it’s all going to go plop.  Plus, I wonder if you have pay tax on that money.

The madness of the DiF Part 1

The DiF being the David Icke forum. It is a collection of the most outlandish ideas it is possible to think up.  That would be fine if it was just make believe, or science fiction, it isn’t even poor sci-fi, but people sincerely believe what they say.  Every time something happens in the news the DiF dwellers contradict the official line just for the sake of it.  Anyone who doesn’t do this is a closed minded sheep.

Anyway to kick of this series of idiocy I present the most stupid thread in known history.  This one.  I can’t even begin to suggest how nutty this collection of stupidity is.  It is laughable yet unnerving at the same time.  It doesn’t achieve anything and must have wasted many hours in it’s creation.  Still it has given me something write about.

David Icke, have a holiday.

Does the man ever have a holiday?  Just a break from conspiratorial research, somewhere away from people.  I don’t think he would do because to be away from even his inner sanctum would mean his ego would significantly suffer from not being rubbed, continuously.  Go for a nice trek around the Outer Hebrides or something and try to bullshit his way into using his way of thinking to decipher how they breathtaking scenery was formed.

You see Icke never really bothers to tell us how geological processes occur.  Is it to be taken that science is correct and mountains are formed the way it tells us they are made.  Icke wouldn’t want to concur with science though.  He never questions how a plane flies, again it would mean concurring with science.  Yet when it comes to something we can’t see, like vaccines, then science is just plain wrong and must be avoided.

Although, he does like to make it known what such an expert he is when it comes to the electromagnetic spectrum.   He fails to mention we only see visible light because our eyes have evolved to see it, as it is useful for our survival.  We could have evolved to see infra-red or any other wavelength.  It doesn’t mean there are scary lizards living in other frequencies.  I can’t remember his ever showing us a picture of the spectrum, he may have done but he would have glossed over it.  Why?  Because he assumes his listeners/readers are stupid and he is the masterful supreme lord of knowledge.  When in fact anyone anyone who has taken GCSE science, let alone passed it, will know more then Dave presents.


This is an example of the height of arrogance displayed on the Icke forum:

We need to get the info out into the public domain;
to the sheeple, to the ignorant etc.
We need to INFORM those dumb bastards.

I found this is the signature of some tosser called beezlebub or something equally acrimonious.  This is what people, or the nearly-people, or the woo woos think of everyday folk who aren’t interested in shape shifting lizards, or believing the centre of gravity is a few km under our feet.  What are they meant to be informing the public domain about?

Everyone knows governments are not perfect, far from it.  They would only be telling people what they already know.  So it’s not so much telling them information, even if it is wrong, it is the level of contempt these woos have for people.  I don’t have a problem with arrogance either, as long as it is justified, by truth, with credible evidence.  Everything these twats know is twentieth hand information, Chinese whispers I suppose.  Every bellend has added on a bit to make it seem more impressive and these Icke forum dolts lap it up, especially if it is ‘conspiritorial’.

I’ve said it before, but what are people meant to be waking up to?  And if a so-called enemy did exist, and was defeated, what would we replace it with?  Wouldn’t it happen all over again?  Look at how unstable countries become when there are coups after coups.  Some people should be careful what they wish for.

Parliamentary democracy has taken hundreds of years to reach what it has today.  It is so complex and difficult for a reason; to make despotism nigh on impossible.  Woo woos are just as bad as champagne socialists.  They love to mock and hinder science, democracy, free speech, yet use all three to their benefit.  Every time I see Icke using a computer when giving a speech I think science and algebra gave you that.  The reason he doesn’t fall through that stage is because some architect/engineer worked out how to use something to resist it.

Don’t expose your bullshit!

Nice little touch on the Icke headline page here for warning alt/comp ‘therapists’ not to liaise with a TV company.  I would have thought they would like to get their method of healing out in the open for all to see.  If, as they arrogantly stagger around suggesting, their method works they it won’t matter if four doctors want to interrogate them.

But they are no more then illusionists.  Just like a magician won’t reveal his tricks nor will an alt/comp salesperson.  If they did they would be bankrupt in no time.  So they just keep the bullshit high and hang on to their only bastion; the placebo effect.  That is what their method is built upon, nothing more.

I have no problem with middle class nobodies indulging in some therapy because they don’t no any better.  That dodgy knee that has never healed, so it won’t harm it to dip a toe in alt/comp therapies.  Leave it at that.  If people want to waste money then so be it.  My problem is when these snake oil salesman try to hack down modern medicine.  Scare people away from vaccines and credible treatments; and not just the individual but their children too.  That is when is gets worrisome.

All the time people aren’t fully educated in the scientific method there will always be a market for con merchants.