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Dover Athletic in the Conference Premier

Due to my clubs elevated position this forthcoming season I have decided to write a small blog on each game I attend. This will normally be most (if not every) home league games, cup games if I can afford it (so probably not Kent Senior Cup) and the geographically nearby away games such as Dartford, Welling and Woking. I may venture further north than Watford Gap at some point but finances rule as to whether I can make this possible. The friendly games will probably be covered seeing as there is a fiver frenzy to get in, but not the away ones.


Dover Athletic 0 v 1 Hayes and Yeading United

Dover v Hayes
Dover v Hayes

A lovely sunny late summer afternoon, nothing more teasing then the walk up to Crabble.  Full of expectation and hope.  It ended before I even got in the ground.  Bag search.  They want to search my bag for my own safety.  I got wound up saying things like ‘I was coming up here before you were born’, and ‘aren’t you the big man’.  I actually said that to a steroid pumped meat head.  I got in the ground even thought they were threatening to not let me in.  Then when standing behind the goal the Head Honcho decided to start on me and my parents.  It was a futile argument nearly ending in my ejection for disagreeing with a person whose IQ is that of a rock.  I refused to go and they gave up.  That was part one of ruining my afternoon.

I always look forward to home games but they nearly always end in disappointment.  Today was no different.  We had a couple of chances in the first half, all the while sticking with one up front.  Why can’t we be more attack minded at home?  It offers up boring football to people who have paid good money, and no disrespect to Hayes, we should be winning these home games if we want to get promoted.  I think CK is trying to play like Kettering did in the nineties.  Get one goal than shut up shop.  It worked well for Kettering and just worked for us on Monday against Whitehawk.  But we can’t get promoted playing that.  Teams will suss us out very quickly and we will end up being a mid table side.

It we can asses some players we could say they did the job they was told to do.  I didn’t even notice Craig Stone until mid way through the second half.  Not that he played bad, but he didn’t do anything to capture the imagination.  Our play makers tried their best, huffed and puffed and I don’t think Charles got more then three or four touches of the ball.  Alas, it was a miserable game, which was part two of ruining my afternoon.

I was happy to leave Crabble today.

Preview Dover Athletic v Ebbsfleet United

I am glad things have finally got back to normal after what seems like a never ending pre-season; playing Dagenham feels like an eternity ago.  Still, it is upon us and after a super solid Kinnear away 1-0 special at Gosport the Dover bandwagon rolls on to what could be deemed a six-pointer.  Well in retrospect it might be.  Plenty of faces we will recognise in Billy Bricknell, Ben May et al.  I think they made the wrong choice in moving up the A2, although of course time will tell.  That’s another thing, the return of the footballing cliché.

I would expect Kinnear to stick with the same starting XI from Gosport.  I would hate to see him start to squad rotate just to keep players happy.  Keep then keen, and on the bench so when they do get a chance they take it.  I would like to see Dover fly out of the blocks and run at them early on.  Use the wingbacks and get plenty of crosses in hoping Charles can get on the end of them.  Talking of Elliot Charles I think we may see a much changed striker as to what we saw before under Hayes.  For the better of course, as his stint at Eastbourne giving him some experience at this level.  Or maybe he could be better suited coming off the bench on the hour mark with fresh legs.  Could Elder do a job against his old team mates, knowing his way round them?  Yeah, I would start with Elder, and bring Charles on in the second half.

Apart from that I would keep it much the same.  The defence picks itself and is looking very strong, another Kinnear trait.  To be fair if we played out a dour 0-0 it would suit us better because it would put the willys up Ebbsfleet for what they would consider a poor start.  Not that I want a bore draw, as I would like a goalfest with us the victors.  Like the times we used to beat Woking 4-3, etc.  Any way I’m predicting a 2-0 to Dover.  0-0 halftime and we grab an early one in the second half, then Ebbsfleet push before we settle it late on.  That would do nicely.

Football at Crabble on a Tuesday night, and a local derby to boot.  This is what football is all about.

Come on you Whites!

Crowd 1045