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The good lord almighty

If a search engine guided you here and you are looking for something nice and religious then this isn’t it.  Stop reading now if you are ever so easily offended by my ridiculing your faith.  I don’t really respect it, I would never say you shouldn’t have a faith, none of my business.  Just like I don’t respect motorcyclists, don’t like them, but if they want to ride a bike it is nothing to do with me.  I like football as a pastime, some people would think it is barmy to follow a football side.  Anyway I think I have made my initial point, if you are still reading that it.

It dawned on me the other day that God (I’ll use the Abrahamic one here) really wants you to have nothing in life but him.  I was watching a You Tube video of some preachers laying into pokemon saying it was evil and the such.  He is only saying that because it pushes praying time to the lord out a bit so kids go to bed with less god.  If you’re playing pokemon your’re not praising the lord.  You look at any activity apart from manual labour, procreative sex, praying, eating, drinking, and sleeping then it is the Devil’s work.  In this life we are technically not allowed to do anything interesting, as harmless as it may be.

In a place of work many years ago there was this religious chap.  He was softly spoken and read his bible diligently every lunch time until one day he started handed out lists to certain people.  I didn’t get one but someone else told me it was a list of companies that were evil and did deals with the devil.  All your run of the mill everyday companies.  Crisp companies, detergent companies, and sweet companies, etc.  I remember asking about this one afternoon, he told me to mind my own business, so I had a big rant at him, like I normally did, and he went off to tell my supervisor.  That fell on death ears because neither of us liked him, but I was called ‘an angry young man’.  No, I just hate bullshiters.   He moved from a church in one town to another because there was a black cloud over the former, a metaphorical one that only he could see.  He did manage to piss off most people until he was made redundant, and then piss them off further by visiting everyone, bar me, to apologise for his actions.

His life revolved around religion and it was as frugal as you can imagine.  But to be a true religiosio you have to abandon everything that might be ‘fun’.  Eurgh, imagine doing something that didn’t involve praying to the lord, how repulsive.  The world is full of people who have this attitude.  Ones that don’t drink and in some countries opiate painkillers stronger then tramadol are banned.  Going to church is seen as the highlight of someone’s life.  They go to be shouted at and made fearful, to not like Fireman Sam this week, or whatever.  What a shit life, and what a shame for the poor children who get sucked into this.  Sucked in for a lifetime of praying and being godly.  I am so glad I didn’t have to suffer that.  Having religious parents must be pretty horrific.

So to make my point clear.  Anything that doesn’t involve god is evil.  Even having a shag, and enjoying it can be seen as sinful. Of people are going to live their lives like that then they shouldn’t expect anything at the end of it.  They will die and nothing.  Their body will rot and it constituent parts will decay into new life. All that time praying would have been in vain and their one shot at life and learning about it will be gone, forever, and ever.


Don’t expose your bullshit!

Nice little touch on the Icke headline page here for warning alt/comp ‘therapists’ not to liaise with a TV company.  I would have thought they would like to get their method of healing out in the open for all to see.  If, as they arrogantly stagger around suggesting, their method works they it won’t matter if four doctors want to interrogate them.

But they are no more then illusionists.  Just like a magician won’t reveal his tricks nor will an alt/comp salesperson.  If they did they would be bankrupt in no time.  So they just keep the bullshit high and hang on to their only bastion; the placebo effect.  That is what their method is built upon, nothing more.

I have no problem with middle class nobodies indulging in some therapy because they don’t no any better.  That dodgy knee that has never healed, so it won’t harm it to dip a toe in alt/comp therapies.  Leave it at that.  If people want to waste money then so be it.  My problem is when these snake oil salesman try to hack down modern medicine.  Scare people away from vaccines and credible treatments; and not just the individual but their children too.  That is when is gets worrisome.

All the time people aren’t fully educated in the scientific method there will always be a market for con merchants.