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Religious music, secular music.

I am not talking about hymns here, but music written by  composers whom traditionally write secular music.   At the moment I am listening to Mozart’s Requiem Mass that just about killed him and remained unfinished in his lifetime.   Yet I am not religious in any sense but this genre of music can be just as good in quality if not better then some secular compositions.   Personally I am not listening to the words, being an atheist they mean nothing to me anyway.  But the music can be sublime and some of my favourites include Dvorak’s requiem, JS Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion and the Mozart mentioned above.

Many composers in the 18th and 19th Century were deeply religious (it is easier to name the atheists:  Brahms and Tchaikovsky.)   Yet not one, to the best of my knowledge wrote a ‘God’ symphony or a Jesus Sonata.  Secularism played a big part in the shaping of classical music even if the various composers were devout.   Surprising that it was even allowed.  For me, the perfect cross over from secular to religious is Brahms’s German Requiem.  It is a requiem for people, not God.   And it is deeply moving in character and depth of feeling.  Which is strange because according to Dvorak Brahms ‘believes in nothing!’.  I think that is why I like Brahms.

An Atheist goes to heaven

Well, purgatory while their case was being assessed. Eventually, the time comes to be judged and they are taken from the abstract realm that is purgatory where everything is equal and grey. Obviously, due to being a non-believer our Atheist hero is sent to complete and utter damnation. They walk from the judgement area cursing Pascal and God as to why he never revealed himself better. Still, it does no good as the bearded deity rushes back to his game of draughts against Adolf (who was catholic).

Yet before entering hell-the entrance is marked with old cemetery gates-a man who looks like Graham Chapman stops our hero.

‘Seeing as you are not so bad, like some of the others in there, I don’t know they can be right shits at times, you are allowed a choice.’

Our hero feels blessed once more with freewill as there can’t be any determinism around here, beckons the man to reveal all.

‘Okay, well, you can burn in hell forever and ever but get a break every now and then to heal up somewhat, get all fit so you can burn again. Or go into a world that destroys your mental faculties but no physical pain but no respite. Choose quickly please for there is a queue, oh Mr Robertson, go straight through, so what will is be?’

This is a most absurd scenario as you could apply any countless caveats to countless situations. But it shows the concept of hell up for what is really is: asinine. Nothing but complete and utter asinine and all its synonyms. To feel pain you need a central nervous system at least and a brain and something to feel pain of like an arm or a leg. In other words, you need an Earth body to experience hell. A wispy floaty soul can’t feel anything, least exist. Also, where is the fuel coming from that is feeding the flames of perdition?

Nothing wrong with hell as some type of story, like in Lord of the Rings, but remember all round the world every day hundreds of millions, if not billions of children are being told they are going straight there if they don’t believe in God.





Atheism is the wedge that is being driven into a log of religious thinking.  The axe is falling harder with each passing day as we make progress to spread humanism.  What is controlling the axe?  Nothing, it has no metaphoric value, as I preferred to use the wedge as a collection of people who strive for atheism to get bigger.  But I would hate to see humanism become evangelistic, which it won’t, but will be accused of being so.  Atheists don’t gather to pray to anything each week, and a great term by Aaron Ra was atheists are like cats, and you cannot herd cats.

I personally think atheists won the argument years ago.  As we have become technologically advanced, religion has become more obsolete.  Yeah you see thousands strumming their banjo strings when they see some silly old man wave at them from St Peters in the Vatican.  Funny because they probably all have iphones using superior advancements to take photos of a glorified yak herder.

The World wouldn’t come to an end if organised religion did, and I don’t think atheist’s aim is to rid the World of religion entirely.  More so to coerce people with clear, clarified arguments, explaining science and showing them about how they think of things.  There will always be people who are so ardent the World in 10000 years old and will never be drawn away from it.  But there are people on the fringes who could be convinced after being show just a few good You Tube videos.  It could never work the other way.

Religion is slipping away, and it will pass slowly as pews stay empty and people cancel direct debit that gave the church access to their salary.  Atheism is much more interesting.  Really, really interesting.