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Bipolar or not

I have a lithium level that is below therapeutic levels.  So in effect it is doing nothing.  The dose is not high enough.  My GP wouldn’t raise it the other week because I was depressed so she said we will see how it goes.  Fair enough I though, but my mood has changed.  I have become very irritable, with a racing mind and spending money I don’t have.  I have grand ideas too.  But I am not bipolar.  I bet I am.  Shouldn’t self diagnose.  Maybe the olanzapine is holding some of the symptoms in because that can act as a mood stabiliser.  I don’t feel high as in ‘happy high’, but I feel overwhelmed and hyperactive.  Concentrating on one thing is hard for too long.  I have been going for walks to try to burn of energy but it doesn’t really help.  It is a good thing I have mirtazapine, that works just right every night.

Drug regimen

8 am Venlafaxine 375 mg

Lithium 400 mg

10 am Pregabalin 300 mg

2 pm Pregabalin 300 mg

3 pm  Olanzapine 15 mg

10 pm Mirtazapine 45 mg

Lithium 400 mg

Plus, add in codeine PRN.

I don’t care if people think this is a shit blog.  It is something for me to look back on.


‘Happy pills’ part two

The Daily Mail wasn’t content with one nasty article on people in Wales on ADs and benefits.  No, they decided on another, here.  This is a kick in the teeth for all people, not just those the article talked about, who suffer with depression.  It is a cruel jab at those less fortunate.  It is almost suggesting that anyone on a low income, be it in some form of benefit, that take medication for depression are simply making it up.  Of course there are people who do this but not in large enough numbers to justify what this article provokes.

I always wonder what kind of life the authors of articles like this lead.  While I expect they deal with the stresses of working in journalism it must be cut a thrust.  Does this never lead the mental pain?  I suppose it is ok if you are a middle class, well to do person who can reach for the private doctor with the cream prescription pad and the flexible hours at work.  This article is more about people getting something for nothing.  Rather they should be let to suffer.  Although, if we had a labour government in power and people were committing suicide in Blaenau Gwent because GPs were not providing the care they should the DM would be rallying to the inadequate care given to those who are so unfortunate.

It is all political.

‘Happy’ pills.

Happy Pills

Depression can effect anyone.
Depression can effect anyone.

This article by the Daily Mail is using the typical tabloid sensational headline of equating anti-depressants to ‘happy pills’.  Let’s make it clear, anti-depressants are not ‘happy pills’.  They are used to curtail the symptoms of clinical depression by bringing a seriously low mood back to where it should be in a healthy individual.  The only time they may make someone ‘happy’ would be in the individual had a mood disorder such as bipolar, or schizo-affective disorder by making them manic.  They also fail to realise that if you wake up one morning and pop a single 20 mg prozac capsule you are not within minutes all bubbly and full of the joys of life.  Anti-depressants can take up to three weeks before any real benefits are noticed and treatment can last for years.

The quotes from Brian Protheroe saying his generation take pills to get through week by week makes them sound like drug addicts.  Anti-depressants are not controlled substances like cocaine or heroin, again they do not make you high unless you have a mood disorder.  In can take a long time to find an AD that works but if people are drinking alcohol with them then they won’t work, I can testify to that.

It seems like another hit job by the Daily Mail at people less fortunate having to take medication to cope with mental illness.  They also have to rub in cost to the taxpayer of people taking ADs.  So why don’t they pick on other broad illnesses like heart disease or diabetes?  I bet the cost is higher for those.  ADs are designed to help the brain regulate chemicals better, so why are they singled out?  That is because it seems those on benefits, unemployed, disabled, shouldn’t be getting something else for free at the cost of the precious taxpayer, should they!

So what would the £270 million be spent on?  The money ADs are costing the hard working tax payer each year, money, which to governments is like 20 quid to people on average incomes.  Are people not worthy enough to be salvaged if they do not fit into a high income bracket?  This feels like a case of demonising the poor all the while ignoring that every strata of income is effected by mental illness.  I wonder what the prescription rate for ADs is in a Tory stronghold like David Cameron’s Witney constituency.  Probably about the same.