Anton Bruckner was a composer that I have known about since my teenage years yet never went beyond listening to his forth symphony.  I do know why but I wish I had.  He wrote eleven  symphonies and each one is a masterful work of art.  There are wonderful climaxes and long lingering melodies, powerful motifs, and tear inducing finales.  The time I first cried to Bruckner was when listening to the coda of the sixth symphony while out walking.  It is right up there with the greatest moments in musical history.  But to fully appreciate it I highly recommend the complete movement.


Bruckner Bruckner 1824-1896 Austrian

But don’t stop at the sixth, do the whole lot.  I am yet to find any weak movements even the ‘Study’ symphony in F minor is riddled with gloriosity and awe.  The last smpyhony he wrote was the ninth in D minor.  He only wrote three movements and it end with slow tempo and what an ending.  It doesn’t crash and slam it’s way to a conclusion but after a furious last recap section it petters out on a long tied note as if to say ‘that’s it I can’t do this anymore’, and it slowly dies.  Although I must mention the ‘furious’ passage before this.  It builds up and up as if climbing a rocky hill.  It then reaches the top, looks over, and jumps.  What must that feel like?  To jump of a cliff, maybe it is so exhilarating and adrenergic that any momentary pain to be felt upon landing is non existent.  Then lying there, completely paralysed but still alive with a brain teeming with endorphins leading to a slow, but euphoric, death.


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