About my music

Ever since I was ten I have enjoyed classical music and while never being good enough to become a professional I quite enjoy the low pressures of being an amateur. I have a compulsion to make videos and I know the quality isn’t amazing but I have to satisfy the obsession. I have thousands upon thousands of pieces which can be seen below.

Lots of music!
Lots of music!

I think this may be to do with having symptoms of OCD because I get agitated and frustrated if I don’t produce a certain amount of music a day. In some ways it is a good thing because has broadened my knowledge of music and this is thanks to the wiki like website IMSLP. This site brings together all out of copyright music to be downloaded and it is like rummaging through boxes of music in the dark recesses of a library, meaning that in the nicest possible way.

I love music, even if it is perhaps too hard for me to be any good I want to persevere and hopefully spark an interest in my sons.

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