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I don’t smile, much.

I wanted a place that was personal to myself and hopefully others as somewhere to express laymen ideas.  From my perspective this is about music, science, and history but it can be about anything.  Do you have a nagging ideas about, say reality but are too concerned it would cause discourse amongst others?

I had one the other day that perhaps Google is a front company for aliens.  Gathering information and surveying the planet.  Totally absurd I know.  I will make it clear I don’t accept ideas as fact without compelling evidence but I don’t mind hypothesis.  People make a living out of telling people what they want to hear no matter how ridiculous it is, like saying the Queen is a reptillian shapeshifter or religious nuts.

The chap that has rattled my head and made me think is Hugh Everett III, deceased.  He formulated the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics.  To be concise it is concerned with parallel universes.  Every possible outcome is played out in an infinite number of other worlds.  I really like this (liking it doesn’t make it true I must remember) because it is fairly satisfying but as yet unprovable.  It would be quite something if this bloke had a more prominent place in people’s minds yet there is very little said about him.  Just imagine if what he postulates is correct?

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2 thoughts on “The start

  1. parallel universes – interesting, in an infinite number of possibilities there would be a universe with a finite number of possibilities too don’t you think?

  2. Good paradox there. I just keep thinking we evolved to run away from lions on the savanna not contemplate the impossibilities of causality of every particle in an infinite space. Infinite space, is that a paradox or an oxymoron?

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