Dead end job

People fit into jobs, not jobs into people.  You have to assess the person and the occupation to garner whether the two tally.  No-one grows up wanting to be a public toilet cleaner and have to convince themselves, when they finally land the position, that it is at least a job.  That is true, but highly limiting.  Does all strive and ambition dissipate once ‘any’ job has been gained?  I was in a low paid job not long ago and the manager, when explaining there would be no pay rise/bonus, insisted we should be lucky to have a job.  Nice.  Some people are good at these low paid jobs, I wasn’t, and in the end I didn’t try.  Mainly, because I was depressed and it was soul destroying.  But I did try in the first couple of years.  I would do all the overtime going, went on all courses offered, for what?  I am no better off today, you earned the tag of ‘money grabber’, and worst of all I missed out on some important years in my son’s childhood.  So what was the point?

That is the normal recipe of a dead end job.  Now, it seems, striving for any job is seen as ambitious.  No, it is just people kidding themselves.  You can aim for whatever, it doesn’t matter.  The depressing part is when you give up hope that something better may turn up.  Sometimes it does.  Dead end job means rock bottom; means doing jobs other people are glad you were born to do, like clean toilets.  There will always be unambitious people who will fill the dreg jobs, I was one of them.  It almost killed me.  No the job itself but the people you have to work with.  The job was their life, when they weren’t talking about how hard they worked they were thinking about when next to talk about it.  It’s not a fucking competition, we are all in it together, same boat, same shit, why are we always turning against each other.  Slagging everyone off behind their backs.  That’s depression.


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