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50 TB+ cloud space gratis.

I couldn’t quite believe it when I stumbled across three Chinese cloud companies that combined have given me exactly 51405 GB of storage space absolutely free.

They are not too tricky to install either but you need some patience with the language barrier and the multiple downloads for mobile, web and PC clients.  All three DO require you to install their software on your PC/Mac and Android/iOS mobile.  If you don’t you won’t get the full quota and end up with a piddly 2 GB.

This is Baidu, the smallest offering of the three.  I actually found this the most frustrating as the captchas seemed to be a stumbling block when registering.  Remember they are not case sensitive and you should be okay.  To install on the phone you need to use the QR reader as the app ins’t in Google play or Store.  Register on the PC/Mac first as it is easier to understand whereas it is advisable to install Google Translate on your phone as well.  When you are successful you will be rewarded with 2055 GB and the website is in English.

Weiyun requires that you obtain a QQ number to fully register.   This number is then used instead of an e-mail address to log-in to accounts.  The phone app for this is on Google Play so you should be able to send it straight to your device, install and log in.  Once you

Main page with upload box
Main page with upload box

have also logged in on your PC you can go and collect your 10 TB.  This site gives a step by step guide for extra assistance.

That leaves the most impressive and extremely generous cloud: 360 Cloud Drive. I found this one the easiest to set up but in principle it is the same as the other two.  You must install on a mobile and computer.  But it doesn’t stop there.  I registered yesterday and overnight I gained an extra 3 TB, ridiculous when you think Google Drive charge $9.99 a month just for 1 TB (and $299.99 a month for 30 TB),  and GD is one of the cheapest out there.  There is also a reward system whereby performing certain tasks: such as logging in, uploading, uploading from phone, etc, earn points and eventually you could earn another 30 TB!  But that could take over five years.

Cloud 360 Drive
Cloud 360 Drive

I know some people feel put off by the language barrier and whether they can trust something they have never heard off.  Yet I have been using them for a few days now and have had no issues of any sort.  I’m not saying people won’t get problems, just that so far it is looking good.  They all work just as good if not better then western sites and deciphering the language can be fun if you have the patience and time.

I hope this helps in some way, and no, I have no affiliation with these companies whatsoever, I just think it needs to shown that regular sites are a bit off a rip off.