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Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader

I was overwhelmed and teary eyed when the Labour leadership results were announced today.  Jeremy Corbyn taking an amazing 59.5% of the vote that blew his fellow contenders out of the water, or into interstellar space!  Unprecedented and it just goes to show what is needed to get people, especially the young demographic (18-35) say,  to be inspired and filled with hope.  I joined the Labour party about twenty minutes after the announcement which I promised myself I would do if Corbyn won.  Mr Corbyn has come across as a genuinely nice person.  He comes across as someone who cares for people, and cares for his country, and cares for people in distress across many borders.   As expected the right-wing press are going to try and destroy him, but I believe that his mandate is too large and he will definitely be standing as Labour leader come May 2020.   His tactic off not attacking personalities but only policies is utter genius.  That is why I cannot wait for Prime Minister’s Question Time on Wednesday.  I honestly think that Cameron is quietly shitting himself.

Now Corbyn has just under five years to build support that will only continue to grow.  After all look what he has done in just three months.  I expect that many people, like myself, had never heard of him before May this year, so it just goes to show what can be achieved if you direct the narrative towards compassion instead of the boring rhetoric used by Blairite clones.  Corbyn was just different and there are many cliches that could be used to describe his triumph.  We also need people, the nice persona of the media, like Owen Jones to spread the message far and wide.  Jones has a decent following online and in the press which means he can attract support for a left-wing government from 2020.

Look at Scotland.  We all know what happened there and I believe that the SNP will still hold a decent number of seats after the next election but I think Labour will creep back like they will in marginals across England and Wales.  Kent was red during the New Labour years, apart from the odd constituency and now they are all blue, which is disappointing.  But they are seats that can be won back as long as Corbyn rides this initial shitstorm from the press and settles into his leadership position.  It can be done and he has time on his side, and he has the fact that he is a nice person, and I think nice will win it for him.  At least I hope so!