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‘Happy pills’ part two

The Daily Mail wasn’t content with one nasty article on people in Wales on ADs and benefits.  No, they decided on another, here.  This is a kick in the teeth for all people, not just those the article talked about, who suffer with depression.  It is a cruel jab at those less fortunate.  It is almost suggesting that anyone on a low income, be it in some form of benefit, that take medication for depression are simply making it up.  Of course there are people who do this but not in large enough numbers to justify what this article provokes.

I always wonder what kind of life the authors of articles like this lead.  While I expect they deal with the stresses of working in journalism it must be cut a thrust.  Does this never lead the mental pain?  I suppose it is ok if you are a middle class, well to do person who can reach for the private doctor with the cream prescription pad and the flexible hours at work.  This article is more about people getting something for nothing.  Rather they should be let to suffer.  Although, if we had a labour government in power and people were committing suicide in Blaenau Gwent because GPs were not providing the care they should the DM would be rallying to the inadequate care given to those who are so unfortunate.

It is all political.