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Another bloody Ben blog!

So for what should be the final time I am relinquished of my skeptical duties in reference to the HPANWO forum.  I called him a name, he threatened to ban me, I said I didn’t care, he banned me.  Yet funnily I wasn’t completely banned.  He forgot to ban my alter ego Mungy Munger and I have written a couple of posts knowing full well he will ban Mungy at the first opportunity.  Funny thing is he has banned so many people he has no-one left to talk to.  Even the wanker photoshopping twat Baxter hasn’t made a contribution for weeks.  It is literally a place where Ben just advertises his blog, vlog, and radio show, along with lectures he gives around the country.

HPANWO forum

The thing is though is he thinks he is really popular.  He recently gave a lecture in the town of Lytham St Annes which is near Blackpool which if you don’t know is a very popular holiday destination for many people.  Lytham is the posh end of the Fylde District and there is a meeting place for alternate thinkers in some scout hall.  Baden Powell started the scouts and the first camp was on Brownsea Island near Poole in Dorset on the south coast of England which is a part of the United Kingdom.   The people who meet in the scout hut call the group New Horizons.  If you look out to sea there is always a line in the distance, that is the horizon. This group is looking for new ones.  Somehow.  Although I agree it is probably a dull metaphor.   Every couple of weeks they invite people to give lectures about conspiracy theories which is a term they are trying to shake off.  One I saw was about a flat earther who believed it was flat because the bible said so.  The bible is an old book that monks used to copy and could spend years writing the first line of Genesis.  Anyway Ben was invited to speak and his subject was about skeptics and how to beat them.  Haha, must show we are a threat to their make belief world if some dumb cunt has to spend two hours talking about the large amount of people who disagree with him.

The audience at these New Horizons have to pay £3 to get in but that includes drinks and biscuits.  A drink is a liquid that could be water, which it normally is.  Water molecules are two hydrogen atoms and one larger oxygen one.  Our bodies need water so cells can make chemical reactions to keep us alive.  The biscuits were mainly digestive and all the chocolate ones went really quickly.  Someone got kicked out for bringing their own biscuits, but he also had a t-shit with Ben’s face on it and above him was a chimpanzee crouching down and defecating on Ben’s image.   I don’t know how many people attended but it was probably fifteen or so.  Three large security guards stood by the exits to stop people leaving.  The video I saw only shows Ben’s head yacking nonsense for over two hours in a really arrogant swanky manner.  No ladies where in attendance.  I know all this because a person,  a homosapien, who  got lost and rung me by mistake.  Although all phones and cameras where confiscated until the lecture was over.

Anyway that is enough.  Maybe I’ll do another blog on him when he can prove that orgone can power an entire county instead of a huge nuclear power station.