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Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader

I was overwhelmed and teary eyed when the Labour leadership results were announced today.  Jeremy Corbyn taking an amazing 59.5% of the vote that blew his fellow contenders out of the water, or into interstellar space!  Unprecedented and it just goes to show what is needed to get people, especially the young demographic (18-35) say,  to be inspired and filled with hope.  I joined the Labour party about twenty minutes after the announcement which I promised myself I would do if Corbyn won.  Mr Corbyn has come across as a genuinely nice person.  He comes across as someone who cares for people, and cares for his country, and cares for people in distress across many borders.   As expected the right-wing press are going to try and destroy him, but I believe that his mandate is too large and he will definitely be standing as Labour leader come May 2020.   His tactic off not attacking personalities but only policies is utter genius.  That is why I cannot wait for Prime Minister’s Question Time on Wednesday.  I honestly think that Cameron is quietly shitting himself.

Now Corbyn has just under five years to build support that will only continue to grow.  After all look what he has done in just three months.  I expect that many people, like myself, had never heard of him before May this year, so it just goes to show what can be achieved if you direct the narrative towards compassion instead of the boring rhetoric used by Blairite clones.  Corbyn was just different and there are many cliches that could be used to describe his triumph.  We also need people, the nice persona of the media, like Owen Jones to spread the message far and wide.  Jones has a decent following online and in the press which means he can attract support for a left-wing government from 2020.

Look at Scotland.  We all know what happened there and I believe that the SNP will still hold a decent number of seats after the next election but I think Labour will creep back like they will in marginals across England and Wales.  Kent was red during the New Labour years, apart from the odd constituency and now they are all blue, which is disappointing.  But they are seats that can be won back as long as Corbyn rides this initial shitstorm from the press and settles into his leadership position.  It can be done and he has time on his side, and he has the fact that he is a nice person, and I think nice will win it for him.  At least I hope so!

New piano sonata.

Work has successfully began on my 4th sonata in C minor and I am particularly pleased with the second movement.  I hope to have the whole work completely finished in a month or so.

Update:  This piece is now complete and dedicated to Jeremy Corbyn MP.


Complete version



HPANWO and Benologism

It is fairly obvious that I do not contribute to this web page very often.  Mainly because I can’t think of anything to write about; well I don’t want to become a writer that just talks about current affairs, many blogs do that already.  So, I only cover things that interest me, like specific parts of science or music.  But, I want to cover again, or see it as an update, the 2001 Space odyssey monolith that is the HPANWO brand.  It is confusing, never ending, and completely (seemingly) pointless.

HPANWO, if you don’t already know, is Hospital Porters Against the New World Order and is headed by Ben Emlyn-Jones from Oxford.  He isn’t a hospital porter anymore, and I don’t have the foggiest or the interest in what his occupation is now; he is very coy over this matter.  Maybe when he works on the dustcarts he can form Waste Administrators Against the NWO, or whatever.  Anyway, my point of this post is to look at the output of HPANWO Voice and other associated branches.  And as far as I know Ben is the only person in the entire organisation.

He will normally spams the fuck out of facebook with every new blog post, almost everyday.  This usually attracts high levels of criticism mainly for the poor quality of the blogs and there strange inaccuracies.  Only yesterday he made a point that fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is hardly known outside of Italy!  So where does he get these ideas from?  What made him think that to print from such poor research?  A while back he claimed to be a right-wing anarchist.  A lot of pressure was put on him to explain what that really entails.  We never did get an answer, so I’ll make up one myself:

A left wing anarchist, you may think, is someone who stands up for the working class by using possible illegal means such as picketing, wildcat strikes, rioting against the establishment, etc.  Really just someone that sees inequality in a wealthy country with the poor getting poorer and the rich richer.  They go about it in means that could land them in prison, possibly.  But if you are poor then they are on your side.  So what is the opposite?  Ben’s right-wing anarchism.  Now I am only following the simple logic of being contrary, or using a sort of chiral disparity.   A RWA would want the establishment to grow and get stronger, they would want to help the rich get richer by curtailing workers’ rights, and making the lives for those at the bottom even more miserable and unbearable.  They would continually lobby the right to get what they want, and they probably have interests in companies that rely on exploitation.

Now, it may be unfair of me to suggest Ben is anything like the latter that I describe.  But his blogs continually bang on about Cultural Marxism and SWM (Straight White Males).  He may want a fairer society but would that be only for the few?  I may be completely wrong but with each day Ben is distancing himself from debating (although to his credit he had an attempt at it today) and rarely posts on his forum.  He gives out the opinions and then refuses to debate on them, then he usually surrounds himself with acolytes who pander after his every word.

Really, he has been sussed out.  Unless he gives more information people are just going to piece whatever they can together and come to their own assumptions.  Ben is like a blog dictator.  But the thing is I don’t think he is a nasty person, just sadly misguided.  So what about Benologism?  Well that is just a word I made up similar to Benetics, Benistry, Benology, Benphysics, Benculus, Bengebra.  They will all be coming to a University near you when the mighty HPANWO rolls into town.  Thankfully he has not reached Dover yet so local skeptics and Astronomy Club members can sigh with relief.  I think he is using some sort of Tesla ray beam massive gun blaster on my head through my WiFi router, though.  I keep getting headaches and sometimes wake up in a frozen cold sweat with the acronym HPANWO burnt into the inside of my eyelids.  Everytime I turn the telly on their is Ben’s face half smiling at me, same with my computer.  Sometimes, it must be an HPANWO virus, my laptop screen just has multiple pictures of Ben’s facebook photo plastered over it.  I scream that he isn’t even a porter anymore, but his smile just gets rosier and more smug.

HPANWO is going to take over the world!  Although not by force but by homoeopaths and orgonite retailers.  They have ruined Glastonbury High Street and want every shop in every town and city across the land to stock magical angels riding unicorns!

Right I’ll explain why that last bit was written.  It is because Ben’s blogs start by patronising the reader, then providing the main course which is usually the most factual part, only to finish with an utterly ridiculous conclusion.  A lot of his blogs end with mentioning the illuminati, or Tavistock, or HAARP, or Chemtrails, or Vaccines, or Shapeshifters, etc as the reason for the problem he is trying to highlight.  So I have used the same format in this post.  Although I haven’t provided links to other posts by myself, Ben does this a lot.  He self-cites, by putting links in the present blog from previous blogs.  Somehow this justifies the point in question.  It doesn’t really, does it?  And if Ben refers to another page it is usually a link to another woo woo ‘researcher’.

Oh, that’ll do!