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Nothing happens quite often.

I am sitting here trying to think of what to write, like it is a compulsion, even if no-one reads it, I guess it is some kind of therapy.  When I read, say, the Daily Mail website, I can state that nothing much happens when the headline news is Simon Cowell becoming a dad, or Nigella Lawson getting divorced.  I wonder who really cares, personally.  Not me, and millions more yet it is deemed newsworthy enough when you think of what must be going on in the world.  Journalists are extremely lazy is appears.

So we can tentatively assume not a lot is going around the world.  Or more locally in the UK.  We don’t get earthquakes, or tsunamis, or famines, or civil war, but we do have plenty of self absorbed ‘celebrities’ strutting their stuff and later stumbling out of swanky nightclubs.  They are vile cretins and just their presence reviles me.  They lend nothing to the betterment of society and carry their precious ego around under the illusion that people care.  They don’t, I hope.  Anyone who lives their life….

Stop.  Let’s get back to the issue of nothing happening.  That’s an oxymoron, right?  Nothing cannot be imagined, it is impossible.  So if we go to a point before the Big Bang, when there was nothing.  That is what it literally means, nothing.  Something did indeed come from nothing.  Nothing; no time, no dimension, no matter, or energy.  It lasted as long as it didn’t last at all.  The Big Bang was inevitable.  Religious people like to say you can’t get something from nothing, yet their answer is a bearded man did it in seven days.  He didn’t.  At which point did he enable the laws of physics, was it a little time after he had used his supernatural powers?

So could one postulate that there are many Universes sprouting out of nothing?   Maybe there is a new set of laws that exist on another dimension that we will never be evolved enough to understand.  We are still trying to work out what dark matter and dark energy are.  This sort of stuff is interesting, and not what some twat from Essex is wearing.


David Icke, have a holiday.

Does the man ever have a holiday?  Just a break from conspiratorial research, somewhere away from people.  I don’t think he would do because to be away from even his inner sanctum would mean his ego would significantly suffer from not being rubbed, continuously.  Go for a nice trek around the Outer Hebrides or something and try to bullshit his way into using his way of thinking to decipher how they breathtaking scenery was formed.

You see Icke never really bothers to tell us how geological processes occur.  Is it to be taken that science is correct and mountains are formed the way it tells us they are made.  Icke wouldn’t want to concur with science though.  He never questions how a plane flies, again it would mean concurring with science.  Yet when it comes to something we can’t see, like vaccines, then science is just plain wrong and must be avoided.

Although, he does like to make it known what such an expert he is when it comes to the electromagnetic spectrum.   He fails to mention we only see visible light because our eyes have evolved to see it, as it is useful for our survival.  We could have evolved to see infra-red or any other wavelength.  It doesn’t mean there are scary lizards living in other frequencies.  I can’t remember his ever showing us a picture of the spectrum, he may have done but he would have glossed over it.  Why?  Because he assumes his listeners/readers are stupid and he is the masterful supreme lord of knowledge.  When in fact anyone anyone who has taken GCSE science, let alone passed it, will know more then Dave presents.

The Pope

I looked at the pictures of millions of Brazillians swarming over the beach when the Pope did a mass or some other bullshit with sadness.  It is 2013, and people gather like this to see some wrinkly old virgin in a stupid gown.  Yes that’s ad hominem but it gets to the point where it is used in utter frustration.  Then you get the people who say science is a religion.   No it’s not, because science works to understand human endeavour.  It doesn’t remain locked in the dark ages when starting a fire was difficult, it invented the match, then the lighter.  Science doesn’t rely on one book written thousands of years ago.

One day, maybe, the president of the the powerful country in the world will be welcoming a visitor from outer space.  This visitor will be friendly but extremely advanced, so much so that it leant to speak English fluently in mere minutes.  The two leaders will be walking through whatever city when the visitor spots a church.

‘What is the purpose of that building?’  He asks

‘That is a place of religion, where people go to pray.’  Replies the President.

‘Oh dear you don’t still have that do you?  We got rid of that nonsense many years ago!’  Says the visitor.

Of course an impossible scenario but the point I am making is if we want to advance religion needs to take a big back seat.  Science is so much more interesting, fascinating and there are thousands of books to read on the subject.  Religion has one.  Evolution may one day lead humanity out of the religious anchor.  Human will evolve into superior beings and find religion a pointless exercise which natural selection will eradicate.

It serves no purpose.

Faroe Islands

I have just been looking at photos on google earth of the Faroe Islands.  There is no street view unfortunately plenty of pictures to give a good indication of the beauty of this small country.  There is something majestic and powerful about mountains that seem to have be spawned in the sea (well indeed, they may have actually done so).  Why do we feel like this?  It is only atoms arranged in a certain order.  Perhaps is in utterly satisfying to see such great vistas, and it annoys me when people are not moved by such scenes.  What do they expect to see?

This beauty too, isn’t an indicator of a god because humans have developed ways to describe how these landscapes came about.  Thinking a supernatural being did it seems lazy, and boring.  What did he do?  Perhaps he thought, ‘right, a big cliff here, some trees just there, a stack of rocks there, let’s have a small cove down the bottom of the mountain…’  See, it is ridiculous.  When is comes to geology, a wonderful branch of science, we can witness change all the time.  Sand getting washed to the coast, and building up at sediment, etc.  Now imagine what can happen in millions of years, well the evidence is all around us.

So there is no god, or it is highly unlikely, or silly.

Icke and the NHS

The NHS vaccinates children and old people. Icke urges people to ‘not get the vaccine. Yet this appears on his headlines today.  Does this make him a man of the people now?  He is a man that is not known for his love of conventional medicine yet uses some glib survey to push his agenda; which is to contradict authority, wherever he can.

I don’t agree with GPs charging but I will not take my disdain of off one of the biggest snakeoil circus sideshow maniacs about.  He should possibly be glad that it might turn people towards alternative ‘natural’ remedies.  Well they might be the case but I’m sure they might be a tad more expensive then a GP may like to charge.

Saying this I’m sure Icke uses the NHS, has a GP, etc.  I bet he wouldn’t risk his health and leave it is the hands of something unproven.  This is what makes him such a hypocrite  and a contrarian.

This is nothing compared to how Icke normally operates.  He thrives on fear and traps the vulnerable.  He uses scaremonger tactics like ‘you better take note before that knock on the door comes.  And then the antithesis to this is everything is love and what not, you know pretty rainbows and bunny rabbits bounding across a flowering meadow.  It is what religion does to.  Points out all the evil then beckons you towards the light and eternal bliss.  Icke is just aping religion.   He waits for bad to happen and then goes ‘this is a stepping stone to a totalitarian state, you mark my words.  What are you going to tell your children when they say “what were you…”‘.  This sort of rhetoric.  He applies it to anything he doesn’t understand, like algebra or science.

David, you haven’t moved a picometer closer to unravelling any truth then you had in 1991.  In fact you seemed like a nicer person back then.  Now it’s all ad hominem and rhetoric.  The world’s moved on.  Maybe you should too.

More bullying

As an addendum to my earlier post I wanted to state how I feel I have been fucked over.  I know I can’t win, but I do know I am better then them.  I sussed them out a long time ago, although I just didn’t know how to combat it.  I really hope that,even though they got a way with it, they don’t think it is a carte blanche to make others lives a misery.

It’s annoying because one of the antagonists had already been spoken to in the past about his conduct.  Insulting people because of a misfortune just bores me but the interesting thing is when you look at their lives.  They had very little except being idiots.



Anyone who has been chronically bullied will know full well the prophetic feeling in the pit of your stomach when something is about to happen.  It might be subtle and only last a few seconds, yet it can leave considerable mental anguish for a very long time.  Bullying amongst children is bad enough although when it continues into the workplace it can feel like you have never left school.

With my experience with bullying it felt like something I could never escape from.   Not knowing if I would have a good or bad day.  Some days were free of any hassle others it would feel like it was non-stop.  But it wasn’t coming from just one source but many and from different levels, ie peers and management.  So that sort of closed off any sort of escape routes.  At one stage management did take action, slow action, but looking back it was a bad move.  I could in a sense blame myself for it.  As a coping mechanism I used the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ maxim.  This worked well on good days, when I wasn’t depressed.  Bullies don’t relent, though, if you have a bad day, in fact it is worse, every comment a jab into an open wound.

Again, I didn’t help myself.  I was overweight, odd, clumsy, and mentally ill.  All dreadful ingredients if you happen to work with people that have the IQ of a carrot.  Then there were the compulsions and worries that beset every day.  Worrying that the work phone may ring and I would be forced into doing something I don’t feel confident in.  I liked the routine if I knew what was happening at least for a week in advance.  It rarely occurred like that so I could never relax.  People knew this and capitalised on it.  They seemed to take pleasure in my suffering in silence, seeing how far they could push things.  Then the next moment they would call me a mate.  They had some kind of power over me that I couldn’t control.  The more I squirmed the more they turned the screw.

It couldn’t last forever and I eventually snapped with a couple of outbursts and a mental breakdown.  I am fully on the side of people getting bullied.  The worst thing was the company I worked for decided all my claims were unfounded.  They obviously don’t know the difference between banter and venom.  I just hope someone else similar to myself doesn’t suffer at the hands of this company and it’s employees again.

Road sweeper joy

Eric Parcel is no ordinary street hygiene engineer he is an A rated street hygiene engineer.  All eyes where on him today outside the Lindo wing London where he swept every last cubic millimetre of dirt and debris away from every single nook and cranny he could find.   He then proceeded to not only air brush each individual part of the pavement but he used industrial strength Mr Sheen to polish the scum away.

The waiting press, eager to see a new arrival to Britain’s favourite soap opera, where treated to utter delight as Parcel sat on his brush, like a witch and pretended to wank off in their general direction.   This was just before the police let him into the wing for a dump.  He seemed to have a soft spot for one policewoman by showing his affection with a right old slap on her pert bottom, then high fiving her colleague.

He returned from passing a stool with a small bag with brown lumps in it.   The press thought he had come to offer his new arrival but it only turned out to be unwashed potatoes he had bought at the Lindo ward Monday farmers market.  After such exertions he sat up against the wall and drank 2 litres of industrial paint stripper.

The Dover Trumpeteer Unpaid mail

It was with regret last Thursday that the Royal Mail suspended postal services in the CT16/17 area after they found a letter that required posting to the large rocky satellite orbiting the earth, colloquially as ‘The Moon’.  Due to the man hours required to do this, and extensive searching for reasonable insurance coverage it is not possible to carry out a regular postal service in the prescribed areas.

Services will not be resumed until postage is paid for said letter.  We are quite happy to deliver as long as a 2nd class stamp is whacked on it. We have chartered an old Saturn V from NASA and will blast the bastard into space, probably from Hampshire somewhere.  The three astronauts on board, will scour the lunar landscape for a fucking letterbox and lob the letter through it.

Is sonata form important to humanity?

Outside of musical circles sonata form is rarely mentioned, I’d imagine.  But it is staple to the form that our lives take.  With sonata form there starts two opposing themes that almost battle it out to become the main developed theme in the middle section.   There is a contrast, mixing oil with water is an example.  Life is like that, we always have a battle to fight, no matter how small, every day you meet a contrast that can’t be resolved.

Sonata form has a huge scrap in the middle section and what happens?  The original theme returns, at truce with the contrasting theme that follows.  The piece ends with no resolution, but a mere ceasefire.  Neither theme won.  Like in life you never really win in the long term.  And this fits in nicely with entropy in the second law of thermodynamics.  The absolute best you can hope for is to break even, which is rare.  The body is merely an energy conversion machine carrying a code that needs to be passed on.  Everything roughly follows the same pattern, to a point where there is no point.

From what is known about life everything we think or sense is chemical.  No matter what we don’t understand about the mind is not an excuse to make things up.  Perhaps humans will never know how is really works.  But what right do we have understand it?  Whatever it is doesn’t care whether it is discovered or not.  And what shall we do when we understand whatever it is we want to understand?  Try and convince the people who are no better then flat earthists.

So many questions.  There will always be questions; always be that person saying ‘…but why?’

And, like a good scientist does, reply with ‘well, I don’t know.’