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Up, up and a…

If placing this link leads to just one person donating to a ‘People’s Voice’ then I have failed as a human being. I think it’s funny because those donatees are probably the type that moan and groan about paying council tax etc, yet will part with cash that will end up in a slosh pot and disappear down a blackhole.  Mark my words, he has been given another ten days so he can wring as much as he can out of people who probably can’t afford it.  And now he knows what to do when he needs more cash in six months.

I have been noticing the rate of donations over the last day or so and it has slowed up quickly.  If people were really awakening then there would be millions of pounds in there not quarter of a million.  Yet if you look at how many people have donated it is only about seven thousand.  Hardly humanity preparing to roar really.

So what will happen when it is all up and running?  Will 300 k really be enough?  Will it be similar to Alex Jones’ shout fest?  Won’t renting somewhere in Central London cost an absolute fortune?  What is the ultimate aim, if there is one?

So many questions.

Parallel Universes

After reading a chapter of a book by Marcus Chown about parallel universes my life has changed forever. I have developed a fear of not dying and my mind has conjured up some horrible thoughts. You can still witness others passing on, equally upsetting, but never your own demise. You can become awfully ill and diseased, and crippled but never will you be in a state that is bereft of life. I have created a scenario whereby you only become non-concious when every strand of your DNA, RNA has been destroyed. You could become a decaying heap buried under 50 cubic feet of mud and still be aware, or burnt alive in a motorway accident, charred and smouldering but if that DNA is intact you are still able to comprehend. Or maybe you are still technically alive until information-theoretic_death.

What has this got to do with parallel universes? Well throughout life we are forever cheating death from our prospective. Others are witnessing our becoming late all the time. We are choosing ‘life’ at every turn. Choosing a different universe. You die in one universe and survive in the other. There is an infinite number of universes so there are an infinite number of eventualities. Now there is no way to prove any of this so we’ll just have to assume we live in one universe. Personally I hope one day I do die, not just yet though. As long as I didn’t know much about it and I am addled with opiates.

This type of thinking could equate me to being on par with the Woo woos. But I differ in that I know I can’t prove it correct so I will assume it isn’t until credible evidence rises or I advance my knowledge of science. The former I can’t see happening because it is incomprehensible unless we discover vastly more knowledge about the quantum world.

‘Happy pills’ part two

The Daily Mail wasn’t content with one nasty article on people in Wales on ADs and benefits.  No, they decided on another, here.  This is a kick in the teeth for all people, not just those the article talked about, who suffer with depression.  It is a cruel jab at those less fortunate.  It is almost suggesting that anyone on a low income, be it in some form of benefit, that take medication for depression are simply making it up.  Of course there are people who do this but not in large enough numbers to justify what this article provokes.

I always wonder what kind of life the authors of articles like this lead.  While I expect they deal with the stresses of working in journalism it must be cut a thrust.  Does this never lead the mental pain?  I suppose it is ok if you are a middle class, well to do person who can reach for the private doctor with the cream prescription pad and the flexible hours at work.  This article is more about people getting something for nothing.  Rather they should be let to suffer.  Although, if we had a labour government in power and people were committing suicide in Blaenau Gwent because GPs were not providing the care they should the DM would be rallying to the inadequate care given to those who are so unfortunate.

It is all political.


Bravely standing up for the confused, and misrepresented.

HPANWO stands for: Hospital Porters Against the New World Order. Well, technically just one hospital porter, and he isn’t even a hospital porter any more. The brains behind HPANWO is a chap called Ben Jones.

Jones with orgone protector.
Jones with orgone protector.

It is fundamentally a research tool that has a channel on You Tube, and various blogs.  He researches mainly into the supernatural, and global conspiracies.  It hasn’t got any closer to understanding anything then it had the day Jones dreamt it up.  No matter how hard someone tries you cannot progress if you have no credible evidence.  See what Jones is wearing around his head, its a bra strap with a bits of quartz stuck above the ears that are interwoven into it. This ‘device’ is to protect the wearer from harmful radiation when using a mobile phone.  It is utterly ridiculous, not only because it doesn’t work, but because he thinks it does.  I don’t have enough sanity to write too much about Ben so I will concentrate for now on his belief in orgone.  Take a look at this.  He seriously believes that throwing a lump of rock into a river will cleanse it and make it all safe for wildlife to flourish.  Although he won’t give his exact location away because he is sure the men in black will come along and fish it out.

It is an old video but I think it is the best place to start when trying to dissect what HPANWO is all about.  Be aware though, Ben is your typical woo woo in that he will never give a straight answer but thinks he has all the answers.  He is quite a keen ufologist, or a nothingist is probably a better name, and travels all around the country looking at grainy pictures of a dinner plate being tossed in the air.  Oh sorry, I meant flying saucer.  I used to be a member of the HPANWO forum but about a year ago I got banned for swearing.  Although there was never a dull moment, especially when Ben got started with his Apollo hoax theories.  He doesn’t believe NASA sent men to the moon, even though they brought back lunar rocks.  Ben had an answer for everything and started to feel like you was debating a sociology studying sixth former,  Any way to counter my argument of ‘they did go to the moon’ he said they filmed it on Mercury.  Yep, they went to Mercury but pretended it was the moon.  When it was explained how silly this was he changed it to that they filmed it on another planet in another solar system.

Jesus wept.  He really wrote that.

Update:  I have now been allowed back into the HPANWO forum and nothing has changed.  Still plenty of hit and run posters who call you a cunt if you have the nerve to point out their post was a crock of shit.  As well as HPANWO I converse with The Ben of no age on facebook.  I was told off by him for calling one of his ‘friends’ willfully ignorant – he said studying the big bang was a waste of time – still it’s okay when I get called a cunt and a shill by other woos on his wall.   Ben is starting to come much more a ‘celebrity’ in conspiratorial circles by having his own radio show and giving talks at UFO events.  Yes, he still believes the governments of the world are keeping something from us, on what premise?  None whatsoever!

Not for Profit

Not for profit 

download (1)

This is David Icke’s new mantra.  I don’t see why he has to make such a big issue of it, what is wrong with making money?  He never says ‘Not for Profit’ when he wants to flog his books or talks, so why the puffed out chest slogans for this?

Whenever I talk about Icke, (which is too much!) I always seem to find myself asking more and more questions.  What is this radio station going to achieve?  Who will decide what is broadcast?  The man himself may not be at the forefront of the daily operations but you can be sure his name will be plastered across everything.  His name is a brand and he will happily sell as much junk knowledge as people want to gobble up.  If you want to believe the Moon is hollow, then read Icke.  If science and maths is too boring for you, read Icke.  If you want to be told how wonderful and special you are…read Icke.

I must admit it does worry me how easily people are led.  All that money being sloshed around and he still expects people to volunteer, help with legal matters, find a studio, because it will all be good for ‘the peeple’ in the long run.  You see because if we don’t, then when that knock comes on the door and we realise how enslaved we are don’t go running to Icke for help.  ’Cos ‘e ain’t gonna give you any!

Simply donate and shut the fuck up!

‘Happy’ pills.

Happy Pills

Depression can effect anyone.
Depression can effect anyone.

This article by the Daily Mail is using the typical tabloid sensational headline of equating anti-depressants to ‘happy pills’.  Let’s make it clear, anti-depressants are not ‘happy pills’.  They are used to curtail the symptoms of clinical depression by bringing a seriously low mood back to where it should be in a healthy individual.  The only time they may make someone ‘happy’ would be in the individual had a mood disorder such as bipolar, or schizo-affective disorder by making them manic.  They also fail to realise that if you wake up one morning and pop a single 20 mg prozac capsule you are not within minutes all bubbly and full of the joys of life.  Anti-depressants can take up to three weeks before any real benefits are noticed and treatment can last for years.

The quotes from Brian Protheroe saying his generation take pills to get through week by week makes them sound like drug addicts.  Anti-depressants are not controlled substances like cocaine or heroin, again they do not make you high unless you have a mood disorder.  In can take a long time to find an AD that works but if people are drinking alcohol with them then they won’t work, I can testify to that.

It seems like another hit job by the Daily Mail at people less fortunate having to take medication to cope with mental illness.  They also have to rub in cost to the taxpayer of people taking ADs.  So why don’t they pick on other broad illnesses like heart disease or diabetes?  I bet the cost is higher for those.  ADs are designed to help the brain regulate chemicals better, so why are they singled out?  That is because it seems those on benefits, unemployed, disabled, shouldn’t be getting something else for free at the cost of the precious taxpayer, should they!

So what would the £270 million be spent on?  The money ADs are costing the hard working tax payer each year, money, which to governments is like 20 quid to people on average incomes.  Are people not worthy enough to be salvaged if they do not fit into a high income bracket?  This feels like a case of demonising the poor all the while ignoring that every strata of income is effected by mental illness.  I wonder what the prescription rate for ADs is in a Tory stronghold like David Cameron’s Witney constituency.  Probably about the same.